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Aug 31 2013

Is my interpretation correct, that your OSS contribution basically sums up to this post?

What? Why/how can you make this epic leap with 0 information? Clearly this can only be an attempt to insult me personally. Nice try but you should keep jumping to huge conclusions to a minimum if possible. As a developer you should know better; be pragmatic and rational.


I don’t know the architectural backgrounds to the FAQ response, but as a developer, I see, that some simple things may violate archtectural guidelines. Braking the guidelines may increase the bug count and complicates debugging.

It's an annoying widget that many people have asked to be removed. To remove it is easy (look at the code in this widget that removes it). As a developer (as you claim) you should know better. Nothing breaks with the cashew gone otherwise people who use this cashew-removal widget would be having problems - I've been using it ever since they forced the cashew on us and have had absolutely 0 issues because of it. To refuse to allow this option in the desktop settings directly and forcing people (who may not actually know how to install this) to hunt down 3rd party in-situ patchers to remove it is arrogant, egotistical, nonsensical and there's really no practical way you can actually defend this. Please stop making excuses for the people force-feeding the cashew to us. It's really not your place to do so. If they have issue with our statements they can defend their decisions themselves but I sincerely doubt they will be successful in doing so.

Again, there is no excuse for this stance the developers have taken. None. Not stability concerns, not UI paradigm concerns, not application functionality concerns. Nothing. Your defence is baseless. And even if somehow there were UI paradigm or application functionality concerns then I would remind you that developers, you and me, do not write software to support machines and APIs. We do not write software to make applications happy. We write software to support users. The software we write should make users happy. If we're failing to do that then we're failing as developers and our design guidelines are broken. End of story - no excuses.


So without knowing the code, the only question is, why they don't ship the plasmoid script with the SC. Either it is something personal, or they just think kde-apps is as good, and this way they don't have to care for the code. I think it is a legitim decission.

Except the plasmoid's supported KDE version sometimes lags behind the SC releases - previously I've had to hand-patch this widget to keep it working after some API change. No offence to the author of this widget but it really shouldn't be their job to fix the KDE maintainers' nonsense *every release* and breaking API change. This really should be an option within KDE itself and the only reason in all of the known universe for not doing so is because someone somewhere refuses to admit that there are some people who really don't like their 'bright idea' that they take too much pride in. - Sep 02 2013
From the Plasma FAQ:
Although putting an option to disable the cashew for desktops sounds reasonable, from a coding point of view it would introduce unnecessary complexity and would break the design.

Lol. Complete rubbish. This is just a cop-out, lazy excuse. Someone thought the cashew was a brilliant idea and their egos are bruised because people are rejecting it so they've decided to tell people what they want instead of listening to what they want. The fact that people have written *several* plugins to do this a) proves it's simple to implement and b) proves that people WANT it. I can't believe any self-respecting developer would try to shovel these lies. If you were working on my team and tried to pull this crap I'd fire you in a heartbeat. It's nonsense like this that is keeping people suffering through gnome3 and unity because 'kde? but it still sucks, doesn't it?' - they're half right and you only have yourselves to blame. - Jul 10 2012