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Plasma 4 Widgets Jun 19 2012
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Big6 kdm

KDM4 Themes Jun 11 2012
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Plasma 4 Widgets May 25 2012
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Plasma 4 Widgets Jun 20 2008
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KDE 1.-4. Improvements Feb 18 2008
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Big tetra

Plasma/KDE Screenshots Jan 29 2008
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nfs cool

Wallpaper Other Dec 24 2004
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Linux Brasil

Wallpaper Other Nov 30 2004
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AppMenu QML

Plasma 4 Widgets 168 comments

by glad
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Jul 31 2013
There is a command line to open and close the panel? - Aug 16 2012

Plasma 4 Widgets 13 comments

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Jun 19 2012
If you gave the commands after install. Try restart. - Jul 15 2012
thanks my friend.
make an effort to understand this translation google
I'll tell you openly that I am thinking about kde4.
a great idea now managed by a group of narcissists.
The same people who now are turning their backs to the thousands who helped get kde up here.
who's develop applications know very well about I'm talking
I did this applet initially for the kickoff but the lack of commands offered by this wonderful team, I had to put the lancelot who owns one. - Apr 04 2010
It came in kde4 at last upgrade - Sep 23 2009
Try the updated file - Sep 21 2009
when you click the button , appears the Lancelot menu. Give 'lancelot' command at a konsole to start it. Don't forget: config for launch Lancelot at startup. - Sep 21 2009
It's a plasmoid write in superkaramba.
You need learn more about superkaramba and plasma.
The .skz files are install like others plasmoids files.
plasmapkg --type superkaramba --install BigLancelot.skz
It was make for use in widgets not like superkaramba theme and the rigth place is here to others peoples find it. - Sep 20 2009

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May 25 2012
In posting I made it clear that it was for adults
For those who see pornography in which women dressed dancing and fun is to see a red dot plasmoid , my condolences. :) - May 25 2012
Sorry, new link available - May 25 2012
Kross dependence used by superkaramba is satisfied with this:
You should try to install the version corresponding to 64 - Feb 21 2011
I'll soon be offering a new version with this configuration. For now you can drag and drop your gifs and music directly to the theme window. - Feb 21 2011
Stay calm. This is just a theme for superkaramba.
That is installed as a plasmoid.
Only plays music and animated gifs.
My knowledge does not allow me to make a real plasmoid. If anyone knows how, we would appreciate the help.
- Feb 21 2011
Folder emblems

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 16 comments

by jice
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Nov 22 2010
Good job. but I wish I could also change the icons of files within folders. For example putting the covers of films in the archives - Nov 24 2010
QuickLauncher Applet

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Nov 15 2008
:( - Aug 01 2008

Plasma 4 Widgets 12 comments

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Jun 20 2008
Accepted. :) - Jun 20 2008
- Jun 17 2008
Why not a plasmoid ?
Because it is easy to install? Hehe
Everything in this desktop is a plasmoid my friend.
If you know how to make a install package, I thank you.
When kde4 install this others "plasmoids" directly from here , without to compile. them I take it.
- Jun 17 2008
oh , no kde4 is work so nicely. No bugs. and really 2 mouse clicks is most slow than 3 on keyboard + 1 mouse.
Sorry. I no ate when I was kid
Third world, knows how it is.

- Jun 14 2008
Big tetra

Plasma/KDE Screenshots 4 comments

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Jan 29 2008
Yes, have 1600x1200. Click in the img before save . - Jan 31 2008
No. 1600X1200 is the higher that i have. :D - Jan 30 2008
Drawer Desktop

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

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Jan 08 2008
Is 123 by Herz an excellent photograph. Thanks to her - Jan 11 2008
It is a good idea. I think a way to put us 2 or 3 layout of icons. - Jan 08 2008
ColorClock for styleclock by lunimare

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 2 comments

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Dec 24 2007
Really in environment 2D was thinking of fun and teach to read this new format. However in real environment (3D) who embodies the true functionality of ColorClock. A single simple display with just a few leds you can see the hours at 360 °. An ex.: With a cylindrical vertical format, like a pen standing with colored rings placed on a table. You can read from any side that look. On larger scale on top of a tower or building. In arm, it is not necessary to move it to the position of reading. Who uses glasses can read without them.And as a multitude of uses.Translate by google.

- Dec 24 2007
vidro ksidebar + kbfx

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 19 comments

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Jul 25 2007
the transparency of the kicker is provide by big-desktop kommander program in Big Linux. - Jul 25 2007

Using google translate.I would like that it was, but the konqueror does not have this effect. I obtained the effect placing the same image of wallpaper as deep of the window. - Jul 21 2007
Yes users of course. MS and Linux two great companies. One voracious capitalist.Another socialist corporation spread by all around the world. Growing at top speed but disorderly. Support in succeed and error. Taking off ideologies. Both produces a "tool" to serve the users and the market research only serves to say what we want.Not oppose. New things and old things will continue to be invented and reinventeds and the consumption mass will decide the way to follow. - May 25 2006
no no no.
You don't understand.
Linux is free.If peoples wants a button in the kicker, they'll have one.
This is the reason of kbfx success in kdelook.
Here,the majority makes things thinking about what we wants.MS do it.
Exists a term "tendency of market" that all have to follow. If not you are out.Take a look at the cars, clothes and songs in the streets everything seems imitation.Vista look is determinate by us, not by MS. - May 23 2006
That which is Above is like that which is Below. - May 18 2006

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 7 comments

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May 03 2007
Very nice image.
posted by:sigterm
link: - Jul 10 2006

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 2 comments

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May 23 2006
visor ksidebar

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 13 comments

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Apr 27 2006
Only copy the images on dir show in install file .If fedora have a different tree, try this:
Execute in shell with user root: updatedb
Execute in shell: locate "archive.png"
See location file and replace
- Apr 26 2006
It's very difficult in english for me, but I"ll try. In GIMP create a new black or white image with size that you need and give translucent %. Include text, image or frame and save as .png . - Apr 23 2006
hi. Michael.
Debian already to download. - Apr 23 2006
First, it forgives my English I am using a translator on line.
I made these images in B&W because kde change any another color or tones of gray,for the color theme in kcontrol.
The ksidebar appearance also depending on the style and if you are using effect GUI and transparency.If you want color in my ksidebar use gimp and give a colorify or change to less brightness. - Apr 17 2006
Thanks.Request accept and delivered.More updates in future. - Apr 16 2006
Modern Transparent Comix Theme

KDE 3.5 Themes 7 comments

by tinny
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Nov 20 2004
Were you take this Wallpaper?
If possible post in screenshot 2 - Feb 27 2005