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Massimo Callegari , Italy
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Music Production 53 comments

by rncbc
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Dec 07 2018
Hey man you did a really good job with Qtractor !
It was time that a cool audio sequencing application was developed !
To be honest I haven't tried it yet, but I'm following with pleasure your constant improvements and efforts. I am a hard user of Cubase SX and I would really love to definitely switch to Linux also for that purpose, and achieve 0 latency recording and mastering.
The key thing for these applications is a serious VST instruments support. Once you get it you're done ! Have you planned it at all for the future ?

Again, many congratulations ! - Jan 06 2008
Kate Symbol Viewer Plugin

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Mar 16 2008
Thanks a lot for this !
I will indeed include it in the next release. - Dec 26 2007
Thanks a lot for this !
I will indeed include it in the next release. - Dec 26 2007
Hi, it seems you are using the standard KDE 3.5.x plugin which support only C++ and Java. What I post on KDE Apps is something more advanced, that will be included in KDE4 (so your dreams will really become true lol).
So, you need to download and compile version 1.10.0
- Dec 26 2007
Hi, in some kind of way you can already do what you'd like to do. The Symbol Viewer is based on Kate highlighting system, so if you select "Java" as highlighting method, the code will be treated as it was Java by the plugin as well.
If D is parsed well by symbol viewer, I can consider to extend it to D for the next release.
Thanks for your feedback ! - Nov 15 2007
Yeah, need to wait for KDE 4 ! LOL
I posted an improved version of the symbol viewer on kde-apps cause KDE 4 took longer than expected to be developed and moreover cause the KDE team doesn't allow me to commit any major change to the KDE 3.5.x mainline.

That's all. Hope it doesn't bother you to compile my plugin. By the way I use Kubuntu as well and it compiles beautifully. - Nov 04 2007
Hi, many thanks for the suggestion !
I'll consider it for the next release.

Massimo - May 13 2007
hi, that's in my TODO list as well, but I believe I will implement it only for KDE 4.
Thanks and ciao - Mar 25 2007
Hi, Ruby might be right after the PHP support. ;) is only a matter of time... - Mar 23 2007
Hi, thanks for your feedback.
Actually, having a quick look at the code what you say is definitely true !
I'll have a deeper look and will fix it.
In general, if you want to post your wish/bug report or else, you can use the kwrite development list:
Please keep in mind that being KDE 4 under heavy development, the mailing list can be quite verbose...
Cheers - Mar 19 2007
Hi again, I just realized that I misunderstood what your patch does. I integrated it and will be available on the next release. So, ignore the previous comment.
Sorry...I'm not a Perl programmer :( - Mar 19 2007
Hi, thanks for your patch !
I'll add this functionality and you'll be able to enable/disable it from the configuration page with the already existing option.
Cheers. - Mar 19 2007
Java support is actually the next language I will integrate ! I'm only making up my mind on how much code I can reuse from the C++ parser.
In any case...stay tuned...and thanks ! ;) - Mar 11 2007
At the moment I am working on it. Will be available shortly.
btw, can you provide PERL test code ? - Feb 11 2007

Video Apps 494 comments

by rvm
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Apr 16 2014
I totally agree with Virgilio. I don't believe there are people compiling smplayer every bloody day !
RVM, i suggest you to sort out a website for smplayer, so you can release your 15 versions every day. Maybe you can use also your private discussion forum to receive feedbacks from your testers.
Regarding KDE-Apps...well, just one release per week would be fine.

Thanks. - Apr 25 2007
kate cppdevelop plugin

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Jul 19 2007
Hi, I'm the developer of cppsymbolviewer.
I'm wondering why you wrote a "replacement", as no one ever said that my project is dead.
As you surely know the KDE SVN repository is a mess since almost one year, due to the huge porting to QT4, so I'm just waiting for them to make something stable to improve and extend the functionalities of my plugin.
Writing from scratch is usually good when something DOESN'T exists.
Anyway, good luck.

Massimo - Jan 22 2007