Brian Kim
Oxymentary (Oxygen Icons for GNOME)

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Nov 07 2011
It used to be included in Linux Mint's Software Manager, but was removed for some reason. So I tracked it down on the internet here and downloaded it to use again with Mint 15.

Like some may have reported, not all the icons are visible for Gnome 3 / Cinnamon (which uses Gnome 3 as a base). For me, the "Home" folder wasn't skinned in the Oxymentary icon theme so I had to rename all the folder-home.png icons to folder_home.png and copy the 256x256 places icons to the /scalable/places directory to get the Home folder to show up skinned.

Not really surprising given that this set was made for Gnome 2, but the icon set looks so amazing that it was worth the hassle of having to mod it to work with 3 for me. Great work! - Jun 16 2013