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Amarok Full Screen

Audio Apps 272 comments

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Mar 20 2007
there was a software for win, near like this, to had a musicplayer as party-jukebox.

first, the screen must be lockable, so nobody can use the computer.

the, everybody must can make a wish for the playlist.

a superuser can change the list an unlock the screen

;-) - Apr 06 2007
second hand icons

Icon Themes 15 comments

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Apr 13 2006
real great icons. i hope, anybody bring this icon set to a end! please! =) - Apr 15 2006

Text Editors 16 comments

by aramm
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Aug 14 2005

great work. at this moment, i chat with my brother and we send us manipulated pictures. maybe, there can be a plugin or something else, to edit pictus in a group? ;)

greetz - Aug 31 2005

Groupware 16 comments

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Jul 15 2009
Hi there.

I installt the program wir the rmp for Suse 9.2. Then I start a new project and i get the "Software-Project", not a new, clar project. Next idea was, to delet all date and i have seen, thar i can't change everything.

Is there a way to edit the file and/or get clear new own projects or is this only a viewer?

Thanks - Jul 09 2005

Utilities 1 comment

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Apr 18 2005
i have dsl, so i dont need your software now. but i know smartsurfer and this tool needs some new features. maybe your one too?

so if i start a conection at 10:55 and at 11:00 a new provider will be the cheepest, so i must make a new dial up an i lost the dial-up-kosts. it will be good, if there is a message whitch says, "in a few minuts a otherone will be cheeper, realy take this one?" or something like this. you know, the ceepest can be in the next hour have one of the biggest prices like meome with 0,07ct in the first hour, in the nex the price is 2,49ct ;)

but its cool that ist give a program like this for linux! - Apr 20 2005
Attach to Email Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus 110 comments

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Oct 30 2006
i like this small tool very mutch. great!

but now i using suse 9.2, installd via internet. if i take 2 ore more files, only the first is sending to the kmail. the others are displayd in the textarea of the mailer, but not in attached files. - Apr 07 2005