Rogério Brito , Brazil
MediterraneanNight Series GTK3 Themes
May 09 2014
MediterraneanNight Series GTK3 Themes
Dear people,

Instead of being all the time here asking for help (that probably won't come anytime soon), what if we joined our efforts to learn and improve this family of themes?

As a first step, I have put a git repository at

The master branch is still the same as version 2.03 of the tarball, but I have been integrating the changes that others have provided as patches stored in the `debian/patches` directory.

Once we reach a conclusion of maintaining this set of themes collaboratively, I will apply all the patches and potentially tag/release a new version (say, 2.04 or 2.10 or anything else) and delete those patches from the `debian/patches` directory.

I would kindly ask you if you know how to write GTK3 themes to lend a hand here (even if you don't use any of the themes yourself), as I am still learning as I am doing.

If you know anybody who has experience or has ever tweaked a GTK3 theme, please, let him/her know of this initiative and that we need some help.

Unfortunately, it seems that the original author of this theme (and, to be fair, of many other attractive themes) is not interested in updating the respective themes to newer versions of GTK and only be here clamoring for their attention will probably bear no fruits. His last response was, if I am not mistaken, in July of 2013.

This is Free Software after all, and as long as there are interested parties in the project, it will survive.

That being said, if the original author (or even authors of other projects) want to join the maintainance (so that the burden of maintainance becomes distributed on not entirely on one person's shoulders), feel free to join me and others.

Let's create a very attractive and professional looking theme for GTK applications, be they GTK2 or GTK3.


Rogério Brito.
Apr 30 2014
MediterraneanNight Series GTK3 Themes
Sep 10 2013