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May 12 2014
Thanks for reporting. The related documention (for vlc lua extionsion) does not indicate a breaking change. I have just asked in the forum for help, but don't hold your breath. - May 06 2018
Uhm, maybe this link is better: - Jun 14 2014
Probably, You do nothing wrong, but, I cannot reproduce the bug here (I am not on osx though).
Even the playback should start automaticly after activating Progress, so, it could be an encoding problem (first guess).
More information could help, so maybe you could answer some questions:
- Populate the playlist with two or more files.
- Activate Progress.
- Change playing positions and tracks. Q1: Does Progress resume positions?
- Deactivate Progress.
- Clear Playlist.
- Activate Progress. Q2: Does Progress populate the playlist correctly?
Q3: What is the locale of your machine?
Also, I invite You to visit the forum thread
(registration is painless)
Best Regards
- Jun 13 2014