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QtCurve Apr 25 2009
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Wallpaper Other Jul 10 2007
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Wallpaper Other Mar 31 2007
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Wallpaper Other Mar 31 2007
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Wallpaper Other Mar 31 2007
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Wallpaper Other Oct 29 2006
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Wallpaper Other Aug 14 2005
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Star Field Plasma Wallpaper

Plasma 4 Widgets 47 comments

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Jan 20 2013
Updated to 0.4
Great work! :-) - Aug 25 2009
Updated to 0.3
Thanks for your efforts! - Jul 11 2009

Cool thing :-)

I made a PKGBUILD for Arch Linux:

Greetz - Jun 01 2009

QtCurve 9 comments

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Apr 25 2009
That would be CWP: - Jul 11 2009
Which one do you mean? The one in the upper right corner? That would be AERO AIO, a superkaramba theme from here: - Jul 06 2009
What you are looking for is STasks ;-) - May 23 2009
Thanks :-) - Apr 28 2009
Evolve KDE

Individual Icons/-sets 55 comments

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Jul 16 2012
Those icons are really great! Could you please also release the svg-files?
Thanks!!! - Apr 24 2009

Plasma 4 Widgets 445 comments

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Mar 21 2009
Could you please include the option to only expand the selected program, but not while hovering with the mouse over the icons?

All this expanding and collapsing is driving me crazy, but I would really like to just see the active program expanded.

By the way: This is the best plasmoid out there, awesome work and thank you very much!! :-) - Mar 14 2009

Dolphin Service Menus 53 comments

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Aug 06 2010
Thanks for this, I love it! I usually install it when a friend wants to be converted from windows to linux. And with WineRAR he is then able to extract rar-archives that come with a password. Great! :-) - Mar 24 2008

System Software 15 comments

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May 07 2008
Cool thanx for providing it as package build!
And also thanx to the author! This is what I've been looking for for a friend of mine, and especially for finding new access points and connecting to them via netcfg2. Very useful!
Does it have to be run as superuser via "sudo"? - Mar 12 2008
MPlayerThumbs horizontal

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

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Nov 30 2007
I copied the 3 new pics to the src-folder and patched the cpp, then built and installed it. Logged out and in again, cleared the cache, but still the previews don't have the horizontal alignment but only one vertical line with the 3 new pics.

What could be the reason?

I'm using Arch Linux here with KDE 3.5.8. - Feb 26 2008

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 542 comments

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Feb 01 2009
This is by far the best kwin-deco out there. Only Domino comes close, but Crystal is just nicer than that, too. Thanks so much!

Is Crystal already ported to KDE4? - Nov 17 2007
this really is a great window decoration!! but I wonder what influences it that on some distributions it is rather slow (with transparency turned on), and on others it's not...
on Debian and latest Kubuntu, transparency turned on gives a delay of 5 seconds if you change or switch workspaces, and on Arch Linux it's so fast, without any delay at all.

what could this be?? - Apr 21 2007
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2889 comments

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Jan 16 2013
Grrrreat, as always! :-D

One question: Can you implement a colorpicker for the popups (e.g. if you hover over an icon)? The normal yellow color looks so misplaced somehow...

Thank you!! - Jul 10 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes 404 comments

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26 Dislikes
Feb 16 2007
Is Domino broken with latest KDE (3.5.7)? If I hover over an icon or a file, the popup will always appear somewhere in the middle of the screen, not next to the icon. And if (e.g. in konqueror) you hover over something that is located in the middle, the popup will only show up for a few miliseconds and then disappear.

And also: could you give the possibility to chose between KDE-style scrollbars and Win-style (3 or 2 arrows)?

Domino looks just great! Keep up the good work and many thanks! - Jul 09 2007
AmarokFS n8schicht theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 7 comments

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Jun 13 2007
I really like it so far, it looks good! Especially the buttons arranged like that. I also thought about it because my favorit superkaramba-theme uses them like this:

so: go for it :-) - Jun 14 2007
thank you :-) - Jun 13 2007

that's good to hear, I really would like to see it then! - Jun 13 2007
Kicker png's (Aqua Style)

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 8 comments

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Nov 03 2003
cool backgrounds, I really like them!
But recent KDE-releases are always drawing a frame line above kicker in the same color as "windows backgrounds" that you can set up in kcontrol. Is there any way to disable this frame line?

Right now it looks like this:

Any idea how to get rid of that line? Which config file is responsible for that? - May 22 2007
Themis Action Editor

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 22 comments

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Dec 01 2007
thank you very much for this cool prog! I totally love it!! - May 17 2007

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 27 comments

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26 Dislikes
Dec 02 2006
Ah, my bad, I had to edit


and add:


Now everything works fine. Thanks for this applet!!! - Apr 03 2007
Doesn't seem to work anymore...
I'm using KDE 3.5.6 and beryl 0.2.1

Like the original KDE-applet, your applet also shows all applications from all viewports... Any advice? Thanks in advance! - Apr 03 2007
Crystal Diamond Icons

Icon Themes 153 comments

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Mar 20 2012
Really great, one of the BEST! - Dec 10 2006
Aero AIO: cpu/mem plugin mod

Karamba & Superkaramba 39 comments

Score 63%
37 Dislikes
May 20 2006
exactly what I was looking for. Great job!! - May 25 2006
Hi! This is a really cool plugin, thanks for your work!
Is there another way to show the CPU temp (and other things)? ACPI doesn't work for me (the directory /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/... is always empty), but sensors works great. Is there a way to use that instead?
Thanks again!! - May 04 2006
Aero AIO 0.9.1: sensors-HD temp monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba 33 comments

Score 71%
29 Dislikes
Mar 03 2007
This is a really cool and usefull plugin for AERO-AIO. Thanks alot! I've been waiting for like this (for AERO) for a long time...

Maybe for a future version:
How about also displaying the HD-temp? Like here:

done with hddtemp

Thanks again! - May 25 2006
I modified the following files:


In the first I changed
"cpuTempTag" : "CPU Temp"
"cpuTempTag" : "temp"

in the second I changed
'cpuTempTag': 'CPU Temp'
'cpuTempTag': 'temp'

now it works :-) - May 25 2006
Aero AIO

Karamba & Superkaramba 342 comments

Score 76%
24 Dislikes
May 17 2006
As I said above: Really well done.
But: Could you please reintegrate the "disable animations"-checkbox? Because sometimes (with my ATI-drivers installed) skipping between the tabs is reeealy slooow. That's the only flaw I found so far... (WHY is that b.t.w.?) - May 04 2006
I love Vers.0.9!! Thank you so much!
Unfortunately I can't really use ACPI (the CPU temperature, the directory is always empty).
Is there a way to use "sensors" instead? Because with "sensors" I get the CPU temp... - May 04 2006
@arthur: I think it's not (only) because of the "@ sign" in your password. Adrien already wrote that there was a mistake with wget and he wants to fix it in the next release.

@adrien: Can you tell us already what you did with wget to make the "error-message" go away (concerning gmail)? I really really can't wait any longer ;-)

Thank you so much for your efforts!!! - Nov 19 2005
How did you fix it?
I just can't wait for the next release ;-) - Nov 12 2005
I love this theme so much! In my opinion it's simply the best.
But: With Kubuntu 5.10 I'm not able to use the Mail-Check. It always says "Error". Everything works fine in SuSE.
Any suggestions? - Oct 28 2005
Hi @all! This is a great pice of software. thanks alot!
But I have the problem that as soon as I install the ATI-drivers, the switching between the categories is reeeealy sloooow... Does s.o. have the same problem and knows how to fix this? - Sep 10 2005
Aero AIO: Kmail based mail notification

Karamba & Superkaramba 32 comments

Score 63%
37 Dislikes
Jan 20 2006
me again ;-)
I just recognized that in both Kmail-Scripts you are using "displayPath" instead of "displayName". I replaced these 2 and: now it works like I wanted it: only names, not whole path.

Armin - Dec 01 2005
hi again!
when I execute your command then it gives me the correct (short) name of the mailbox. but in SK it's always the long version with all the paths. and yes, I'm using your latest script.
In the configuration dialog of your plugin I also see the long paths.
what could it be?? thanks! - Dec 01 2005
I love it!
But can you give the possibility to adjust the folder-names for display?
Right now it reads:

Lokale Ordner/Posteingang/mailbox1 #Mails
Lokale Ordner/Posteingang/mailbox2 #Mails
Lokale Ordner/Posteingang/mailbox3 #Mails

Is it possible to ONLY display the name of the mailbox (like in your screenshots)?

Thanks in advance!! - Nov 30 2005

Individual Icons/-sets 62 comments

by saki
Score 78%
22 Dislikes
Nov 20 2005
I think so, too.
The icons look GREAT! But the brown folders in the K-menu do not really match. Maybe you should change them to the same look the others have... Just a suggestion...
But nevertheless: I love it!!! - Nov 22 2005
MahJongg 3D Solitaire

Board 28 comments

Score 71%
29 Dislikes
Jun 26 2004
In my opinion this is the best mahjongg available for linux. My favorite!!! - Aug 16 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 87 comments

by p0z3r
Score 65%
35 Dislikes
Mar 21 2006
I just tried to set this up. Configure went well, but MAKE says:

WARNING: use unsermake instead of make or use a wrapper script, e.g. makeobj!!!
/home/kdesvn/SVN/unsermake/unsermake all
make: /home/kdesvn/SVN/unsermake/unsermake: Command not found
make: *** [all] Fehler 127

What is wrong? Thanks in advance and: I love this prog! - Aug 04 2005

Plasma Themes

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Jul 04 2009

Plasma 4 Widgets

Score 91%
9 Dislikes
Mar 21 2009