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Rulio Kam Paris, France
The Firefox Crusade

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Dec 09 2005
I protect my work, with a creative commons.
More news on

For a flat pannel i realised a special version :

1680X1050 it's big, it's good !
click here : - Dec 02 2005
It's exclusivity for !
For download a special format (1280x800) mail me. (flat plannel 19/10 format) - Dec 01 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 21 comments

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Sep 30 2005
But if you want take a news version of the linux force II V2, it's better.
I made more modifs. Look you'll see.
Thank for you're choice. ;) - Aug 29 2005
The Linux Force II

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Aug 29 2006
I tried to satisfy all users, therefore it is perfect if of screens you like my bottom. They are doing for that! Still thank you for your comments. - Aug 26 2005
The Pinguinator

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Aug 26 2005
Ok, but I found that really very funny to have a pinguin out of toy which is cut into two with a zip fastener. Not? In any event it is not really done to be a relist. And I like much the dead logos microsoft windows on the ground.
yeaaa ! - Aug 26 2005
The Linux Force I

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Dec 09 2005
The pingus is Luke.
Because :
Look now ankin is here....

Than the force been with you my young friend.

Thank for your message. - Aug 25 2005
If you want, i will put on my website, this wallpaper not branded. If you want now, give me you're mail. ( - Aug 25 2005
For creat the pingus and the gnu, i used adobe illustrator. (rrrrrrr beuuu....)
For special effect, like lightsaber and some lihtingeffect and background.

But i know it'll better with the gimp, i training. - Aug 25 2005
there are not copyright.
All logos are my propriety.
Numerikvodka is my website.
K-concept is my society which produce the teamzone project.

Teamzone is an opensource project for website management. - Aug 25 2005