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Conky Basic

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by Moob
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Sep 11 2017
Thanks soudrolf. - Dec 04 2016
..and I also put the scroller into the lctextc function. So if the text is more then the tab width, it starts to scroll it. - Nov 14 2015
Glad to hear it works :)

In the new version I changed the scroller. Now it continuously scrolls and I added a step parameter so you can enter the number of characters to scroll.

If you want to use it, just copy the new scroller function in your code. - Nov 14 2015
[Is there a way to make it scrollable ..]
You indeed could use conky_wired_scroller for this. This function uses separate global variables (info.scrollcounter,info.scrollcounterstart,info.scrolltextlength) to keep track of the scrolling. Which actually only moves the contents of a text buffer around and then displays it. Because system info already uses this function I don't know if this will work when scrolling other text. That needs to be tested. But you could create a second scroller function with separate variables if it does not work.

[This conky makes fun to work on it.]
Thanks for the complement. I don't like going through lots of code just to change some setting. That is why I made it the way it is, and its fun to do. Its always a challenge to create clear understandable code which makes extending it by others easier.

As for extra Audacious information. I already have a test running with a separate user preference where one can choose to display it or not. Still in testing mode though :) - Nov 10 2015
Nice work soundrolf. I will see if I can integrate this in Conky Basic.

- Nov 10 2015
Hi soundrolf, Audacious detection is added. - Nov 09 2015
I will check if audacious can be added. - Nov 08 2015
[bars into some of my circle conkeys] You mean like circulair VU bars of some sort ? That would be nice :)

I was testing your System Bar on a virtual Ubuntu with 2 CPU's and it first failed as it was gathering info on 4 CPU's. So I uncommented the auto CPU detection. I you want to the user be able to limit the number of CPU's shown I would suggest to make a user preference of it. Like you did with the CPU/GPU temperature and netinfo tabs.

The purple theme does not seem to work. You need to add a themes.purple={.627,.321,.176} with the wanted colour schemes. Then it will work fine.

Keep on the good work :)
- Nov 08 2015
Nice addition soundrolf - Nov 04 2015
Thanks :)

Well, I tried to make it as generic as possible that's why the swap is in it. Some will use it and some won't. I have 8GB internal memory but no swap use although my swap is activated.

As for the % and C values. The easiest way to go is to create a copy of conky_wired_bar and name it conky_wired_bar_temp and change the % sign to a C sign. Another option would be to extend conky_wired_bar with an extra parameter like in ' type' which could be a ' %' or a 'C'. The disadvantage is that you need to alter every wired_bar reference in the code.

I like your port tab. In a new conky layout I am working on I want to integrate this also. Insteadoff all single lines you could use a for loop.
This is the code I use:
local sessions = tonumber(conky_parse('${tcp_portmon 1025 65535 count}'))
local maxrows,step = 19,0
local remoteip,remoteaddrr = "",""
local maxstrlen = 48

-- start with the last session, not the first
for i=sessions,(sessions-maxrows),-1 do
if i < 0 then
remoteip=conky_parse('${tcp_portmon 1025 65535 rip '..i..'}')
remoteaddrr=conky_parse('${tcp_portmon 1025 65535 rhost '..i..'}')
local lgt = string.len(remoteaddrr)
-- fqdn longer then width, shorten it
if lgt > maxstrlen then
local strdiff = lgt - maxstrlen
remoteaddrr = "..."..string.sub(remoteaddrr,strdiff,-1)
-- no fqdn, use ip
if lgt == 0 then
end - Nov 04 2015
Thanks, hope you enjoy ConkyBasic :) - Nov 03 2015
hi soundrolf, I have just put a new version online which has a Radiotray tab. Just enable the user preference to make the tab visible. - Nov 03 2015
[For some reason my /home is being shown as a separate "Root"--not sure why.]
I only checked for the existance of a forward slash in a mountpoint name so it also caught /home as well.
On row 866 change the if statement in "if string.len(v) == 1 and r == 1 then" should fix that.
I will add this fix in the next release.

[what is the easiest way to shuffle the order of the segments?]
At the top of the code you find several "if show_memory == "yes" then [[code]] end" blocks to determine if a tab must be shown or not.
To rearrange the order of the tabs just cut and past a "if show_* then [[code]] end" block and place it below or above an other if/end block.

If you want to put a tab above the 'Processor' tab change the starty variable in the conky_wired_tab_cpu call to "rety+tabvsep"
I will add this change in the next release

I will add the "own_window_argb_visual = true" configuration option in the next release

Thanks for your feedback. - Nov 03 2015
hi soundrolf, I have a raw version working at the moment, still need to do some fine-tuning though about displaying text.

When it's ready I put it in the next version. - Nov 02 2015
Well, a quick and dirty workaround did the trick. In the .conkybasic_c110 file I put a ${cpu cpu1} call and set it offscreen. Then the lua part gets correctly processed and displays the CPU cores in Conky 1.10.0 - Nov 02 2015
Well, spoke to soon. v0.5 still does work with ${cpu cpu2). Strange things is that if you put that same command in the TEXT [[]] in the rc file, the lua part works. Don't ask me why.

I will look if the radio part is possible autocrosser :) - Nov 02 2015
To bad :(
I had the same error about 'conky: attempting to use more CPUs than you have!' and thought I had it fixed. It does seem to work on my Ubuntu 15.10 though. You could try to set the squash_cpu option.

Otherwise it's time to go back to version 1.9.0 - Nov 01 2015
I've just put the new version online which I tested on Ubuntu 15.10 with Conky 1.10.0 Should work on your system also, hopefully :) - Nov 01 2015
Yep, that's the price of living on the edge :-)

The $pre_exec, for 'limit must be a number' errors I solved but now it keeps giving me errors on cpu. For some reason ${cpu cpu0} works wel but ${cpu cpu1} keeps on exiting conky

Still busy testing on conky 1.10.0 - Nov 01 2015
Well, it's definitively a conky version problem. Just updated my test system to Ubuntu15.10 which has conky 1.10.0 and I've got all the errors you described, $pre_exec, for 'limit must be a number' etc.

I will look in to it to see what needs to be changed.

In the mean time this script will only function correctly with conky version 1.9 - Nov 01 2015
If you change the code into the following:
hardware.cpucores =tonumber(conky_parse("${pre_exec cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'processor' | wc -l}"))
for i=1,hardware.cpucores do

Do you still get the 'as a number' error message than ? - Nov 01 2015
Strange that you get all those error messages while on my system I get no error message at all.

I will see if I can test my script with conky 1.10 as it complains about the top_right parameter in the conkyrc file. My guess is that it has something to do with a difference between conky versions. - Nov 01 2015
Hi autocrosser,

Thanks for the information. I have just uploaded a new version which hopefully will display core i7 procs correctly :)

The informational tabs are now in their own functions, so they can be reused. Maybe this is what you need ? - Oct 31 2015
Glad to hear you found the problem. I only have a core i5, with only 4 cores, to test with.
Could you send me the output of the following commands ?
cat /proc/cpuinfo
cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'core id'

I like to have end-users only do a minimum of configuration themselves, that's why I use detect hardware functions.
Do you mean a way to enable hardware detect functions. As in 'detect_cpu=yes/no' , 'detect_hdd=yes/no' ?
- Oct 30 2015
or comment out
-- conky_parse("${if_existing /proc/devices nvidia}${lua_parse check_nvidia

so it never gets checked. - Oct 29 2015
hi autocrosser,

I only have one nvidia card in my system, more had as my system died on me. I could be that something goes wrong with detecting multiple nvidia cards.

You could try to changing info.nvidiacard="no" in the conky_check_nvidia function so it nevers detect it and see if you than can start conky

I am using conky 1.9.0 and lua 5.2 - Oct 29 2015
Conky Lines

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by Moob
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Nov 02 2016
Thanks autocrosser. That's were it's for, to tinker with it :) - Dec 04 2016
by mucas
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Sep 11 2017