Christian Medel , Canada
macOS themes v3.1 GTK3 Themes
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Aug 27 2017 Dec 13 2017
As stated in the theme's classification, this is a GTk theme, not a transformation pack or complete UI customization pack.

Wallpapers have to be chosen & applied manually: no big deal
Icons: Use
a) La capitaine icon theme:
b) Mbuntu icon theme from noobslab

the apple logo is picky because applets can change the 'Applications' button, so having an override on that would not be very good (also, extra research and work which I currently don't have time for)

Transparency can be disabled by renaming the vibrancy.css file in the gtk-3.0/apps folder Nov 15 2017
install it in /usr/share/themes. gparted uses the global themes and local themes cannot be applied Aug 21 2017
uh? I don't have a file named OSX-ARC. Maybe wrong theme page? May 26 2017
welcome :) Apr 06 2017
thanks for submitting, will check on this ASAP Jan 17 2017
It looks like a problem with the icon theme. Use la capitaine (, the issue should be fixed Jan 12 2017
re-download the archive and re-install. The 'gtk-3.0' folder is vital since it contains all assets needed for the theme to work Jan 12 2017
can you post a screenshot of the content of the gtk-3.22 folder please? Jan 11 2017
I see the symlink to buttons and assets folders don't work on your system. have you removed the gtk-3.0 folder? Jan 11 2017
newest release includes it from here. cheers Jan 10 2017
actually, we have a xfwm theme. It's just that we haven't updated our theme here. Get it from here or wait till we update the page (very soon) : Jan 10 2017
yes, I get what zones you want to modify. Can you submit a more detailed explanations of the zones you want to change @ ? Dec 29 2016
picture is corrupted. please upload to imgur next time, it's easier to see Dec 29 2016
I'm gonna need a bit more info to fix the problem, and, if possible, a fullscreen screenshot to get a better idea. What's your GTK version? Dec 27 2016
yes, 3.20 compatibility is a big issue, and we may even just wipe out the current build and replace with a newer ported version. The current 3.20 code base is not very good for a macos theme Dec 26 2016
what's that applet's name? I need to know to find the solution, but I guess it's a simple fix Dec 26 2016
it's a custom Xubuntu Install with cinnamon installed. But I'd rather be using mint 18.1 if it wasn't for all my work being stuck in this partition Dec 26 2016
which theme doesn't work?

please file in a bug report @ our contact page: Dec 22 2016
I think I corrected the bugs in v1.2 Dec 22 2016
latest release fixes the switch error (hopefully)

tutorial on how to transform coming soon @ Sep 18 2016
thanks for your feedback. I'll have a look at VLC and the switches (I wonder how come it went so wild, since it looked OK before)

now that fedora 24 is out, things should get smoother... (no more alpha updates) Jul 06 2016
thanks, I will definetely have a look at these errors. Where do you get the log from? Jul 06 2016
then move the gtk-3.20 directory out from gtk-3.0, delete the original gtk-3.0 folder and rename gtk-3.20 to gtk-3.0

sorry, this new hierarchy is messing me up... Jul 06 2016
my bad, I got the new hierarchy all wrong. Move the gtk-3.20 folder inside the gtk-3.0 directory, then try to reapply the theme Jul 04 2016
Hi everyone,

We have finally managed to build a semi-stable and easily workable source base for gnome 3.20 theming. Expect news in very short time...


The B00merang Theming Team May 17 2016
Windows 10 Transformation Pack Rolling GTK3 Themes
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Jun 02 2017
The files are links to my Github repo with the latest changes.

by downloading the files, you automatically get the newest version Jun 04 2017
do it then Sep 18 2016
hi, sorry for late answer.
I use cinnamon as main desktop, but I've heard of the "dash to dock" extension which might be useful to you

cheers, Aug 27 2016
follow the instructions found here : Jul 06 2016
we're having trouble integrating the right code in the right places

delete the gtk-3.0 folder and rename the gtk-3.20 dir to gtk-3.0

The issues whould be gone Jul 06 2016
hi, what do you mean by "no selection background"? can you post a screenshot of the issue? May 25 2016
Unity 8 v0.2 GTK3 Themes
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Jul 31 2017
I'll upload it in short Apr 12 2017
Chrome OS / Android themes Rolling GTK3 Themes
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May 26 2017
1) the buttons for android may be fixed, but Chrome OS (last time I checked) used the current button style used for the theme. We'll fix the hover bug

2) GTK2 may see some corrections too

3) screenshot please? Apr 01 2017
Windows 10 bootsplash 1.0 Plymouth Themes
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Aug 24 2017
first, this is between you and me, keep parents both sides out of this

second, how the hell is making linux look like windows an insult to the guys behind this awesome tech? wasn't freedom of choice one of their goals as well?

Third, I don't like windows at all, and I'm plain happy with my linux install Mar 12 2017
aero experimental 1.0 GTK3 Themes
Score 63%
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Aug 28 2016

even if I have nothing in this discussion, I'm very interested in your win7 icon theme. Can you please post a link or upload them to github? Nov 25 2016
Windows 8 GTK+ 1.4 - >= 3.18 GTK3 Themes
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Oct 02 2017
are you ok if we add it to our Win8 cinnamon theme? Nov 16 2016
Apple Arc OSX Theme 0.2 GTK3 Themes
Score 53%
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Jul 30 2017
are you still searching for a solution or have dropped this theme? Nov 16 2016
hi, I'm the maker of the shell theme (now called macOS), and the bug you have is an error we've had with the shell theme like 2 months ago. You can either get the newer Shell theme from our gihub page ( or wait for umayanga to update the theme

cheers, Nov 16 2016
Redmond Themes Pack Release 3 GTK3 Themes
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Jun 02 2017
which ones? Win 3 and 9x are already available: Nov 07 2016
you're very welcome :) Oct 23 2016
thanks for the tip, I'll correct this when I get enough time Sep 22 2016
which gtk version are you using? gtk 3.18 or 3.20? Sep 22 2016
here you go : Aug 27 2016
Linux Wallpaper Abstract
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Oct 28 2016
nice artwork! those spheres are amazing Oct 28 2016
Windows 8 Icons 2.3 Icon Themes
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Mar 02 2014 Oct 24 2016
Windows 10 Plasma Theme 1.0 Plasma Themes
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Sep 06 2017
try again, I think it was the link that was broken Oct 23 2016
in kde you can import themes directly from the plasma themes window -> add theme button

or, unzip the .zip to ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme Oct 23 2016
have had major errors using aurorae. It always ends up messing something up

maybe I'll release a remastered version, but I don't think it's coming soon Sep 18 2016
Ashes Theme 1.2 GTK3 Themes
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Aug 12 2017
i think this one explains the gtk basics for css Oct 21 2016