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Network Aug 07 2011
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Web Jul 01 2007
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TEA text editor 44.0.0 Text Editors
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Aug 03 2017
I tried installing the Windows Installer on Vista, and it failed when trying to install the QtCore4.dll file to "\Program files\TEA". Oct 12 2008
QTM 1.3.2 Network
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Aug 07 2011
Hi there,

Apologies for the delay in replying.

Regarding posting to two separate places at a time: at the moment that's not possible, because QTM presently supports only one account at a time. When I get to implementing multiple accounts, which I hope to do in a couple of months if I have the time, that might become possible.

Regarding splitting an URL: you leave out http://, put the next bit - the host - into the server box and from /index.php onwards in the location box. I might allow the user to enter a URL in the future as that's what other clients do, but then, when doing the request, the program has to isolate the host from the item on the host anyway. Dec 26 2007
I don't think so; the protocol used to connect to the blog (XML-RPC Movable Type/MetaWeblog API) doesn't return a tree, but a list of categories in the order they were created. The best I can do is to sort them alphabetically. I'm not sure if the new Atom protocol supports what you are suggesting. Aug 26 2007
Thanks. I'll consider doing the picture upload thing, perhaps in the next point release. As for translating, someone will have to volunteer to do translation as I am not confident enough in any language other than English to do a translation. Jun 18 2007
QTM 0.5.3 / 0.5.4-beta2 Web
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Jul 01 2007
Try the .config directory, in your home directory. QTM.conf should be located in a directory named "Catkin Project". Aug 26 2007
Have you had any luck accessing Blogger using other clients recently? The Blogger website says that the API is no longer supported, and that the GData API (not XML-RPC based) should be used instead. I've not been able to access my own Blogger account using QTM either, even when using the correct location. Old Blogger support may be removed entirely, if Blogger itself no longer supports it. May 21 2007
Thanks for bringing this up. I intend to amend the prefs dialog class so that, when someone types into the server field, /api/RPC2 will appear in the location field automatically - or, perhaps, to use the "account type" combo for this purpose. May 21 2007
Hi there,

I'm not sure how you make one, since I've never used that distro. I make builds available for the systems I've got access to, namely Ubuntu Dapper and SUSE 10.1 (and possibly Windows).

If making an ebuild is a simple matter, let me know how you do it. Jun 13 2006
I am not behind a proxy myself, so I wouldn't know whether it does or doesn't. I'll look into it.

As for LiveJournal, if it supports the three APIs mentioned, it does; if not, it doesn't. Jan 24 2006
QGRUBEditor 2.5.0 System Software
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Feb 17 2008
This tool is brilliant. I would like to produce a Fedora 7, and possibly Ubuntu, package for it, if you don't mind and/or haven't already.

Perhaps I could also port the build system to CMake, as I have experience of doing that with my own project (QTM) and Speedcrunch. This would eliminate the need for the custom script. Jun 26 2007
iTest 1.4.1 Education
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Apr 04 2009
Why exactly have you decided to make Qt 4.3 a dependency for this app? Most Linux distributions, including OpenSUSE, Mandriva, Debian and Ubuntu, still have Qt 4.2; even Ubuntu will not have Qt 4.3 until "Gutsy" is released in October, so no Ubuntu binaries can be produced for Feisty. Also, 4.3's Mac version is rather flaky in my opinion; apart from anything else, as I've discovered when compiling my app (QTM) on it, it does not use the standard system font for normal widget text. What does this version use that necessitates Qt 4.3? Jun 22 2007
Atom heart Mother Wallpaper Other
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Oct 16 2001
Captchas are a bad idea, because they make it impossible for the visually impaired to comment (although this is perhaps less of a problem on a site like KDE Look, but a lot of blogs shut out blind users with captchas).

A better answer would be a question with an obvious answer, changed often, such as a piece of very simple arithmetic or "what colour is an orange?". Feb 10 2007
Kile 2.0 Office
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Nov 20 2007
Which version of KDE does Kile 1.9.2 require? It doesn't appear to say, either here or anywhere on your website. Aug 26 2006
Zhu3D 4.2.4 Science
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Apr 18 2013
Due to upload limitations this package unfortunately is missing some heavyweight DLL's. If Qt4 is not installed on your system, check the readme in the Windows-folder. If somebody is interested in hosting the complete package (3,5 MB) including all DLL's, give me a short notice.

Why not set up a Sourceforge project for it, so you can release files of whatever size you like? Jul 24 2006
krita-plugins 1.6.3 Graphics
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Dec 09 2007
That link is wrong - it says www.koffice/krita. Should read May 31 2006
K3D 0.5.0 Graphics
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Mar 09 2006
If this is a GTK app, then what does it have to do with KDE to get posted here? Mar 10 2006