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Feb 28 2018
i did the same thing, i was starting firefox like this "firefox %u", all I had to do was lose the '%u' and it was fine. - Jan 18 2006
GTK-QT Theme Engine

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Mar 10 2008
I cant even begin to tell you how much of a differnce this makes for some reason. I know everyone bitches about eye candy, but my desktop just 'feels' better now. All my apps have a common theme now. People look over my shoulder in the HUB and go "whats that?", meaning, "whoa thats cool, and i can tell its not windows". I just wanted to share my appreciation.
I couldnt find any bugs yet either btw. - Nov 03 2005
Animated Emoticons For Kopete

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May 05 2006
whoops, sorry about that link. i forgot about lycos' ad policies. try this link then; - Oct 27 2005
I took these icons and threw in the Gaim script, you can find them here

hopefully wsjunior incorporates the gaim 'theme' file in his future releases. - Oct 27 2005