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GlassMonitor - DynamicPartition

Karamba & Superkaramba 37 comments

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Feb 22 2007
Ooops! I had a typo... The correct one is:

Sorry. - Apr 30 2007
Let me answer this, since I just figured out how. In fact, .skz is a regular zip file (<S>uper<K>aramba<Z>ip, I assume??) Just unzip it, edit, zip it back. I just replaced eth0 to ath0 and I have a monitor for wireless now. Yey! Just in case you are not UNIX savvy:

* To find which files include the string eth0:
grep -r eth0 *

* Search and replace in vim:

Good luck :) - Apr 30 2007

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Apr 18 2007
Great work, thanks a lot! Which font do you use for the desktop (in screenshot)? I really liked it! - Apr 30 2007

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Apr 26 2011
Dvd Shrink works just fine with wine... The trick is:

(1) find the config file for wine (under .wine, but can't recall the exact name now.. something with config...)

(2) edit/search that file and find the section which sets the windows setting to win98. Replace win98 with win2k.

(3) That's all! But be careful that this has the potential to affect previously installed windows programs, as it is just like switching from win98 to win2000... You can, however, reinstall these software with you new setting :)

(4) don't blame me if your computer blows up. ;)

enjoy! - Feb 02 2006

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by appy
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Jun 01 2005
Ellerinize saglik, cok sevindik. Bir de fontlari, pencere boyutunu falan segistirebilsek cok iyi olurdu...

Bu sirada... Bu adamlar (kde-apps) illa ingilizce olacak mesajlar diyorlar, ama bize henuz karisan yok galiba ;) Karisirsa da al iste baba sozluk, isteyen cevirir anlar, oyle degil mi? - Jan 08 2006