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Tulliana icon set 2.0 Individual Icons/-sets
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May 06 2006
Sagolasin :) May 08 2006
Thanks :) Well i did not miss out, that was on purpose... I did not touch most of the well known application icons such as GIMP, Amarok, Firefox etc just because i did not think they need a new look, everybody knows those icons and remembers them that way... May 08 2006
Thanks a lot... Just because Firefox and Thunderbird have their unique logotype and their icons... i did not want to touch them in order not to cause a visual conflict, they are good that way :) May 07 2006
Here it is... May 06 2006
There you go :) May 06 2006
Of course you will... I'll let you know whenever i upload the theme onto a server which is quite near... May 03 2006