Francois Blais , Canada
Xfce Evolution 4.4.1 GTK3 Themes
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Feb 18 2018
Didn't notice any change, so I suppose it was a very little update?
There's no 4.4.1 line in history file as well.
Thanks anyway! :) Feb 18 2018
Yes, thanks! (only extracted the base and Greybird to be honest) Feb 13 2018
Indeed, I first extracted it within Peppermint and copied over to my Xubuntu partition.
I extracted within Xubuntu and it was oksy then,
I Feb 13 2018
I tried the Greybird variant and it may be buggy?
The taskbar is dark, but the menu checboxes show a red dot when they're checked. Same with the arrows at the bottom and top of the vertical scrollbar, which only show a red dot.. Feb 13 2018
Thanks! :) Feb 12 2018
Thanks in advance! :D Jan 31 2018
Great theme.
I have read the Hacking section of the Install file.
Honestly, for me, this theme would be perfect if it had a dark panel (XFCE) sub-theme.
Cheers! Jan 31 2018
Ok, thanks! Jan 19 2018
I meant the blue color only.
Could use the Greybird sub-theme, but with the bluecurve blue instead, for example. Jan 18 2018
Can you please make a Bluecurve version?
blue = #6674CC
Thanks in advance! :) Jan 17 2018
Greatest theme for the XFCE desktop! Nov 12 2017
History file in archives 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 stops at 3.10 by the way, but thanks as always for the update! Nov 12 2017
Thanks in advance! :) Nov 11 2017
And how about a dark panel, by the way? :)
Nov 11 2017
THanks for changing the Greybird highlight color to the classic Greybird blue! Nov 10 2017
So you use unzip yourself?
Yesterday I tried Xubuntu 17.04 in a live session, and the symlinks were not visible witin file-roller. Nov 08 2017
I just tried with Xubuntu 17.04 in a live session, and same thing. Nov 07 2017
I'll check tonight but I can always use unzip in a terminal for the moment. I'm probably going to file the bug officially and switch to Debian for the time being.
What OS are you using yourself if I may ask? Nov 07 2017
Bug also present in Xubuntu 17.10.
I'd be curious to see if the bug would show up if you were using another archive format than zip, say tar.gz. Nov 07 2017
Before submitting an official bug report, I just posted the on community forum.
Will report back. Nov 06 2017
I thought of an archiver bug, and tried both file-roller and xarchiver with the same results. Maybe it's a bug in Linux Mint 18.2.
I'll try extracting the files within Xubuntu 17.10 tonight and let you know the outcome.
If I must file a bug on Linux Mint, what's the correct name for the "shortcuts". Are they symbolic links?
François Nov 06 2017
No, they're not.
I just redownloaded the archive and they're not there. Nov 06 2017
Just noticed this:
With XFCE Evolution 2, when I look into the gtk-2.0 folder, I see a folder named "rc" and a shortcut named gtkrc. The shortcut is pointing to a gtkrc file inside the rc folder.
Similar strucure with the gtk-3.0 folder which has a "css" folder and a gtk.css shortcut, etc...
When I look at the series 3 folders, there are no shortcuts.
That's the problem I guess.
Hope this helps! Nov 05 2017
Griffin Mono 1.0 Icon Themes
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Feb 12 2018
Feb 13 2018
Marwaita 2.1.7 GTK3 Themes
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Feb 12 2018
Thanks for the fast update, will try it tonight! Feb 08 2018
Oh, and I second the borderline under the menu bar suggestion made by gyll below.
This is particularly annoying with Chrome. (don't know if it's the same with Firefox as I don't use it anymore) Feb 07 2018
I like it too, but also have issues in gtk2.
The buttons are missing their outline. (border?)
Sorry for my poor english! Feb 07 2018
Adwaita-OSX 1.1 GTK3 Themes
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Jan 25 2018
Don’t know why but here your theme is dark, not light.
I’m running Xubuntu. Jan 25 2018
Are you sure you uploaded the updated archive?
All the files within the current archive date back from 2017.
Thanks, Jan 25 2018
Vimix-Gtk-Theme 2018.02.20 GTK3 Themes
Score 74%
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2 days ago
Works now, go figure. Jan 23 2018
When I click on a file to download it, I get this message: You have no authorisation for this page. Jan 23 2018
What's the 'nomal' theme variant please? Jan 21 2018
stylish-gtk-theme 2.7 GTK3 Themes
Score 69%
31 Dislikes
1 day ago
Works now, go figure. Jan 23 2018
When I click on a link to download the file, I get this message: You have no authorisation for this page. Jan 23 2018
Score 65%
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Feb 09 2018
Got it!
It's the skeleton of the themes, as I see!
Love that flat style!
The nimbus becomes black that way. :) Jan 22 2018
Will check tonight, thanks! :) Jan 22 2018
And what about a black version? ;) Jan 20 2018
Great stuff, but where is the hidden theme? :) Jan 20 2018
UltimateMate 17 10 0.8 GTK3 Themes
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Jan 21 2018
Nice theme! Jan 21 2018
Bluecurve Revival 1.1 [NEW] Metacity Themes
Score 57%
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Jan 26 2018
What GTK theme do you use with it?
I'm running either Ubuntu or Debian. Jan 18 2018
Great, thanks! Jan 17 2018
Thanks much! :) Jan 17 2018
Good idea, thanks!
But can you do an XFCE version please?
Thanks in advance! Jan 11 2018
Bluecurve Revival XFCE 1.0 [NEW] XFCE/XFWM4 Themes
Score 54%
46 Dislikes
Jan 18 2018
Works now, go figure... :) Jan 17 2018
Great, thanks! Jan 17 2018
I'd like to but it doesn't work anymore for me here since a little while.
On other pages where there are several pictures, I flip through the pictures when I click on the SCORE buttons. Go figure...
Sorry! Jan 17 2018
Thanks much! :) Jan 17 2018
PRO-D-XFCE 1.5 GTK3 Themes
Score 63%
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Jan 21 2018
Ok, thanks! Jan 17 2018
Update: the culprit is the window decoration, not the GTK theme...
Vertical resizing is broken with all windows, not just Chromium, as far as I can see. Jan 16 2018
Running Xubuntu 17.10 here.
Can't resize Chromium vertically, only horizontally, thanks for looking at this!
(vertical sizing works with other themes) Jan 16 2018