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Human Plant

GTK2 Themes Dec 03 2008
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Miss Drake

Wallpaper Other Sep 19 2007
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Wallpaper Other Oct 04 2006
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deKorator's Logo

Logos Jun 02 2006
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Fantasy Brusched

Wallpaper Other Feb 24 2006
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blacky ;)

Plasma/KDE Screenshots 3 comments

by yozz
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Jul 02 2005
oh heyja :)
whot, Mandrake :) johh Broo *bg*
i have make 2 Iconthemes and colors for kde/plasma,
i hope you like it :) (type easy "blacky" in the searchbar from ;) )

best regards
Blacky - Dec 22 2017
SteampunK QtCurve theme

QtCurve 13 comments

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May 17 2013
Hi Paladin-MXX,

free you files for downloads :)
please :) the qtcurve as example be stored only .

best regards
Blacky - Oct 31 2017
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Oct 31 2017
it's not many icons from Dean (for luck) because i had never a good feeling by him.. i be maybe in able to make it like by others.. because the icons mus be fit to setting together :) but thank you very much :)
it is more the character of the demand/claim of him, it's ...... if you see what i meant.. ;) i have terminated the Friendship because he fell in my back because my English in an English forum because i can not speak UK-English (and i have read in this forum an couples other seats on other postings from him and have see how bad he is..) and now ...if any want give him an lesson.. so have fun.. - Jul 18 2017
easy for download :) Thank you for you offering :) *thumpsup* - Jul 18 2017
this is an other, more square icontheme what you have.. why do you make advertising for your Icontheme by other one.. and you use Mega from Dr. Dotcom ? great .. - Jul 18 2017
i make at moment a break, because in the reallive hard working and others, so more as less time :)
It's a svg(z) theme, it need only a index.desktop
for systemsettings theme manager, and if you had install, have you see to be works :)
i have my "Real Time" icontheme in the same svgz converted. Should all works pretty well :)

best regards
Blacky - Jun 10 2016
:) well, it works not at all at once, but it works with the time ;) - Dec 14 2015
:) thank you :)

and don't forget, KDE/Plasma have an icon-cache ,
this mus first actualisation at all, up to all works well and let show at all.. :) - Dec 13 2015

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 133 comments

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15 Dislikes
Aug 04 2017
Hi, would be really cool, if you update it to works in Plasma/KDE5 also :))))

best regards
OpenMandriva Community Member - Mar 23 2016
haaaiii motyR,

long time ago :) hey, who was u :)
Welcome back :)

p.s.: please, can anyone make a pack for Mandriva ? *smiiile* Please :}

best Regards
Blacky - Oct 10 2008
p.s.: can you take a look on MDV Cooker
2009 , i think the binarys and libs be
on other place ?

best regards
Blacky - Sep 11 2008

a new Shell a new version, version 3.0 it's give, you have make for KDE 4.0 why dont shold be have the Versions-number deKorator 4.0? Fedora anyone have make version 3.3 for Fedora ant you have ported to KDE 4.0 and it shold have now the version 4.0.0 so i think it's in think on moty.. take a look on my folder (it was all copy from Moty's ftp):

best regards
Blacky - Sep 11 2008
KDE4 Icon Cache Reset

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

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52 Dislikes
Sep 20 2012
*lol* you comment is bullshit, sorry..
if you do not like the script, don't use it..
and do not try profile your self there ..
this is like a kiddy.. where mus say.. i don't like the spinat.. but you have eat it.., so, what's the fail there on ? Find out for yourself ! - Nov 24 2015
1. you can edit, before you use
2. with this script is nothing, it works well..
if you use it, do you it by own risk particularly , if you not control it what you execute.... and later complain here, you mus be an Troll ! *lol*
Blacky - Nov 24 2015
You're welcome!
best regards

and ps: the other from adso it only kiddy-imbecility ;) and i bet his account it's only a fake account .. - Jul 28 2013

it is interesting if you warned about
if can edit the script by self and can
see what's it is do.
Why want you get a warned out for all,
if you be lazy to edit this script and
show by self what's goes on.. shame on you ...

best regards
Blacky - Jan 04 2013 for realtime - colorsheme

Plasma Color Schemes 2 comments

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48 Dislikes
Aug 20 2013
na immer doch :)

ach ja, schon gewusst, Mandrake/Mandriva ist jetzt der Community zurückgegeben worden und heist jetzt openmandriva und findest du unter

jeder kann mitmachen, würde mich freuen, wenn Du auch dabei währst, Info bekommst Du unter
unter dem hier siehst du besser wo was iss

dort sieht man auch die Wikchtigen links

ich mag die neue Headpage vom wiki nicht..
iss so klickibunti ..

also, danke nochmal für den comment :)
liebe Grüße
Blacky - May 23 2013
Steampunk Grub Splash Image

GRUB Themes 3 comments

Score 54%
46 Dislikes
Oct 12 2012

humm... take a look about the writing over openmandriva, we can need a Grubsplash
themechanger .. if anyone know an programmer who want programming this , ma by can help together ..
and can speak with proyvind about.. a Grubsplashchanger as grafical gui whant ma by for all Distros not a bad idea be ..
best regards
- Oct 19 2012
cooool !! good work !

i am at moment on an Steampunk Icontheme.. i have now only ~800 Mimetypes to work but i have finish leather-folders (-the- leather folders from the forum ;) ) and other things.. only the mimetypefolder, if i upload it, i want link you Steapmunkthemes on my SteampunkIcontheme..
i use the icons from
(the packs from rocketdock)
and so on... want be realy crewl... wait for it.. :) i hope i need only 2-4 weeks (press me the thumb;) )

best regards
Blacky - Oct 12 2012
Night Elf Priest

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

Score 52%
48 Dislikes
Sep 23 2012
can you create a blue one ? - Sep 23 2012

Icon Themes 2 comments

Score 59%
41 Dislikes
Jun 29 2013
cool ! nice one, like it ! - Sep 23 2012
Score 60%
40 Dislikes
1 day ago
Hy Peoples, i say it again, i had recreated the Icontheme for KDE 4.0 and Real Time whant "die HaRd" !
Many fun with it and don't forget to reset you icon theme if you have installed it for cached at all again :D

KDE4 Icon Reset

best regards
Blacky - Sep 14 2012

Various Plasma Styles 366 comments

Score 74%
26 Dislikes
Jul 31 2017
Hy, good work ! - Jan 05 2009
Aurora Gtk2 Engine DEB

GTK2 Themes 13 comments

Score 69%
31 Dislikes
Jan 05 2009

no screenshoot and whant to tell it why negativevoting..... how brainburned...

Blackcrack - Jan 04 2009
Hunny LUX

GTK2 Themes 30 comments

Score 68%
32 Dislikes
Dec 14 2008
think on brown bambus, green bambus, marmor and Amazonas greenland ;)

best regards
Blacky - Dec 14 2008
Human Plant

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

Score 56%
44 Dislikes
Dec 03 2008
thy :D

best Regards
Blacky - Dec 06 2008
Tux Commander

System Software 2 comments

Score 58%
42 Dislikes
Sep 16 2008
Hy ,

a good fiture, sftp,
thy for this work !

best regards
Blacky - Sep 16 2008
Foxkit Web Browser

Web 29 comments

by kit
Score 74%
26 Dislikes
Jul 29 2008
i hope it's be like konqueror, use the Konqueror as filemanager and then input a adress and it become the web.. without changing the window... :) it shold be integrated :) (i hope it ;)*jump*)

Blacky - Jun 11 2008
Linus Torvalds Tribute

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

by histo
Score 48%
52 Dislikes
May 22 2008
and here : - May 22 2008
oky, take a look :

Blacky - May 22 2008
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2889 comments

Score 78%
22 Dislikes
Jan 16 2013

and why not let pattern the
GTK-style to kdegui ? To heavy for it ?
I have and see so manny good gtk-style's
but, it cant use in kde.. it is give only
a kde to gtk... :\ hummm... Can anyone
make a kde-style to gtk ? ad why not
use a gtk-styles ?

Blacky - Apr 24 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 305 comments

Score 88%
12 Dislikes
Oct 22 2010

it shold be get a "Apply" button to
change on the fly and start a litle
gtk-app or.. a litle window where get
a exemple who it is show the theme,
like gtk-chtheme ;)

Blacky - Feb 05 2008
Pimped By Missy HACKER skull Exclusive

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

Score 37%
63 Dislikes
Jan 28 2008
Sweathart, not good, it's dont give
here Pirates.. it's give open Source,
but not Pirates.. it's not real a
mistake, but not good for here...
and.. here isnt a platform for
supporting div. comercial things..
oky i mus live too.. but this is a
wrong place.. sweaty (kiss over air) ;)

big hugs to you

Blacky - Jan 29 2008
Pimped By Missy Silent Night Without you

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

Score 45%
55 Dislikes
Jan 27 2008

the Pic in front too.. but here in KDE-look,
be more Art in front as Sexual, i mean therewith.. other Stat's be not so open with them and have a Internet.. and child's of other Lands looking in the net too.. but i dont whant say with them, do not take pictures up, I want more say here should be more on the youth and child's careful driving around here and of other land's than on Sexspammings who can see these community ... A little bit of salt it's oky ;)

but.. i cant say... you pictures be not very nice !! realy !! and the Real Picture be sweet too ;) *bigsmiiile*

take a feeling :
michael wehr : Japaan : Track 10 + 11

Blacky - Jan 28 2008
PimpedByMissy Only Time....

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

Score 46%
54 Dislikes
Jan 27 2008
woh, thy :)

"BIGHUGZ" how sweet *vvbs*
hey, nice Son :) *wave* ;)

Blacky - Jan 28 2008
wow, that's good !

have u seen my arrangment ? ;)
u have make realy good work !

hut up !

Blacky - Jan 27 2008
SysTach System Monitor - Re-write!

Karamba & Superkaramba 17 comments

Score 71%
29 Dislikes
Jan 08 2008
humm... and one more.. heat of the
Gpu and speed and one or more for Fans,
it shold be enabling to take 2 Pictures,
one who let see where it be and the other
shold be the Tacho..eehhmm.. the app.. to
creating customs Designs and shold be
enabling to take a custom design.. and
middle of it shold be a little window
where be a heardbeadwindow of the
last 5 or more secounds ;)

Pease and manny pfun !! ;)
Blacky - Jan 27 2008
execute it ;)
letz see how manny speed the net be..
it's more intresting and let more
agressive speed to see *rofl*

*rofl* - Jan 27 2008

can you make the same with ethX ?
i have a Gigabit Network and 1100K AOL-Line :) and i think so a clock
for my network was very fine *bg*

eehh.. cool one! *s*
it's a crewl ..... !

Blacky - Jan 09 2008

Wallpapers Ubuntu 4 comments

by robux
Score 29%
71 Dislikes
Jan 07 2008
Robux, you downloadink fail .... - Jan 08 2008
Scusi Seniore, he can use what ever he whant !
If he use Ubuntu Sysbol, he use it.. dammed.. let him go ! If it is not you feelings then s.. u.. ! Oky.. He make'd the Picture, not you.. Oky, i fint it realy nice idea..
Do you bring anywhat to KDE-Look oky, then we whant speak furter.. and the rest of it sh.. u. if you did whant say anywhat negative....


p.s.: robux, Take the Vista Symbol *harharhar* - Jan 08 2008
January 2008 Desktop

Plasma/KDE Screenshots 3 comments

by Yaba
Score 53%
47 Dislikes
Jan 04 2008
ne, ich sag nischt !
uppss... mus' be in englisch..
i had say, rofl, i dont say any
word... ...p.s. i was more as 3 weeks on a projekt and had make anywhat.. but, realy a nice clean Desk.. good... .. thy for u support.. ;) !! - Jan 04 2008
Griffin (Gocimen)

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

Score 46%
54 Dislikes
Dec 22 2007
Hy Gocimen,

it's dont give pirates anymore, it's
give free software lover, but not
pirates !! Think about !

It's dont give Microsoft alone, it's
give more as them ;)*harharhar*


Gocimen, change u'r Avatar, please.. ;) You kow how why now ;)
Blacky - Dec 23 2007

System Software 7 comments

by qtcmd
Score 60%
40 Dislikes
Dec 23 2007

upps...why so manny Develpackages
to installing on qtcmd ?

Blacky - Dec 04 2007

it need only a cmd-line under
the filewindows :)

a catch quickly the MDV-File..
miami ;)

Thy for this proggy

manny greetings
Blacky - Dec 04 2007

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

Score 56%
44 Dislikes
Nov 19 2007
try a Zebra, Tiger,
Gepard and other Skins *bg*

Blacky - Nov 19 2007
Score 74%
26 Dislikes
Apr 05 2008
i have one questions.. why, why be the folder eber in this and the other themes by side.. not on right stay ?
There is all go out.... or ?
take a pease of water and try fill in.. it's gone all on the tables *s*

it's a nice one... and work, but i dont like so folders.. were be on side.. i think ever on whater or other thinks....
At least I am honest ;) - Nov 15 2007
Metabar Upgrade

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 2 comments

Score 68%
32 Dislikes
Sep 01 2007

oky, sorry for my German, Community...

Hy, alos, allem anschein Bist du n Deutscher.. nea, also hier mal meine Idee, waru machst du das nicht so wie bei dem Kicker, also, daß man auswählen kann, welche png man verwenden kann, also so .. ein einfacher theme-editor, wo man selbst schnell mal was zusamenklickern könnte.. als hintergrund, farbe.. und so wie beim Hintergrund-editor.. also horizontal oder vertikaler farbübergang.. oder ob man ein Bild verwenden möchte.. bei den querbalken, ob man das farbig machen möchte, wenn ja, dann in zwei oder drei Siehlen.. oder png's einfärben lassen.. und so..
dann noch die Schrift.. Überschrift farbe, schriftfarbe, schrift-art... und so...... das mal einfach so als Idee... und das dann immer ... die themes, abwärtskompatiebel.....
so als idee..

also, again, Sorry Community for my writing in German lang... but i can my ideas better write in German...

manny greetings
Blacky - Sep 02 2007
He found Bill

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

Score 57%
43 Dislikes
Jun 04 2007
Hy carrantamaula,

it's realy a nice Joke.. so in the
right.. we have enough from
Billyboy(it's in Germany a gum(for
secure by s..)*vbg*) but.. many
Peoples , i think dont understand it
right as Joke, this is the problem..
and if see this joke Balmer.. he can
say.. "wohhwoooohhhh look
linuxcomunity be all killers.. show in
kde-look *rofl* the Fxxxx and sxxxx
dxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx"
and so on *rofl*

therewith. please.. be cool and make
more intelligent Pic's then this one
can be understand alla' al-q---- in
the Linuxwold and we dont have this..
and shold give never !Anyway... try
make more intelligent Pictures and
not so hard "war-pic's'" oky...;)

manny greetings
Blackcrack - Jun 05 2007
Free icons

Cliparts 2 comments

Score 53%
47 Dislikes
May 28 2007
this is freeware and not Open Source.. bahh.. kick it !! I dont like in
contakt with vista, freeware and so on.. bahh.. kick it and please..
delete it.. or make it as OSS but
not.. freeware..uaahhh....

Blacky - May 28 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles

Score 85%
15 Dislikes
Mar 23 2016
Score 52%
48 Dislikes
Mar 14 2016
QtCurve rocks!

Plasma/KDE Screenshots

Score 36%
64 Dislikes
Aug 24 2015
SteampunK KSplash Theme

Plasma Splash Screens

Score 84%
16 Dislikes
Aug 15 2012