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Ambiance & Radiance Colors Suite GTK2 Themes
Hey, I just have a few questions (I guess the answers apply to any Ambiance suite?). I'm on Mint 17.x series, Cinnamon.
I want to edit a theme (considering the existing number of themes in every suite, making a feature request would be ridiculous :D) in a few ways. The problem is, I don't know anything about coding :D

I want to make the window titles appear at the center, instead of the left corner. Somehow, I figured out that I need to edit metacity-theme-1.xml in the metacity-1 folder; specifically, the values of x under <draw_ops name="draw_title_text_normal"> (line 54) and <draw_ops name="draw_title_text_unfocused"> (line 62).
After a lot of trial and error, I've found something that finally works the way it should (other solutions sort of worked, but the titles were always a bit offset, usually to the left; it's the case even in built-in themes - it seems only Adwaita and Mint-X have perfectly centered titles). I've copied "(0 `max` ((frame_x_center - title_width / 2) `min` (width - title_width)))" from Mint-X's metacity-theme-3.xml (below line 209). Is this ok? Is there anything else I should change (for any reason)? It looks fine, behaves normally. Just asking.

Also, I'd like to trim down the window border a bit. If I'm not wrong, in Ambiance it's 30px thick. I'd like it a bit thinner, kind of like in Mint-X, where it's like 26px, I think. How do I do that, without ruining anything (like the y axis of the window title and buttons, the gradient, etc.)?

Sorry for all of this nitpicking.

Jun 01 2016