Active Window Control

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Jun 08 2017
Not working with Plasma 5.8 whatsoever - Oct 04 2016
Thank you for the great widget! I'd would be perfect if you allow the control buttons to follow the active widow decoration theme. And again, I really appreciate the work you put in this plasmoid. - Jul 29 2016
Now Dock Plasmoid

Other Plasma 5 Improvements 51 comments

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Mar 26 2017
Man, that's smart :) - Aug 19 2016
Great widget!
I just don't really understand how to use it. If I put it on the panel, it's pretty much the same as "icons-only task manager".
Otherwise, as a desktop widget, it just stays hidden below windows. Am I missing something? How to use it properly as a dock without seeing the plasma panel? - Aug 17 2016