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Doug Wolfe
LCARS total KDE conversion (Project plan

KDE 3.5 Themes 13 comments

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Sep 13 2005
here is the link to the desktopx version that is very functional and interactive. very imersive.

If I had any skills I would love to help. as is I can only offer to help test. - Jul 12 2006

Groupware 17 comments

by voc
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Feb 22 2006
Well i found the file locations configuration in RAKI that was not mentioned here. After setting the proper file locations sync SEEMS to work fine except only the addressbook is synchronized. No to-do list entries or appointments show up on the PDA although the sync dialog shows them being written.
The PDA is a dell Axim running pocketpc2003. Is my problem with RAKI or syncekonnector? - Mar 27 2006
well using apt-get to reinstall syncekonnector allows me to configure the sync options of my device now but no matter what ones (or one) i select for sync, when I actually try to sync, Raki crashes. Here is the crash output.
dwolfe@NetengLT:~$ raki: ... init
raki: Creating PairEditorDialog
raki: PocketPCConnectorConfig::loadSettings
raki: Subscribing Events ...
kresources: ERROR: ManagerImpl::readResourceConfig: mFactory is 0. Did the app forget to call readConfig?
raki: ERROR: Received DCOP: resource added for unknown resource F6kN3ouEa6
raki: ... init
raki: Subscribing Contacts ...
raki: ... init
raki: Subscribing Todos ...
raki: SynCEDeviceKonnector::readSyncees()...
raki: SynCELocalKonnector::readSyncee()...
raki: SynCEDeviceKonnector::writeSyncees()...
raki: SynCELocalKonnector::writeSyncees()...
raki: SynCEDeviceKonnector::readSyncees()...
raki: Retrieving Contact from device: RRA-ID-03001dc1
raki: ID-Pair: KDEID: RRA-ID-03001dc1 DeviceID: RRA-ID-03001dc1
raki: Retrieving Contact from device: RRA-ID-05001d39
raki: ID-Pair: KDEID: RRA-ID-05001d39 DeviceID: RRA-ID-05001d39
raki: SynCELocalKonnector::readSyncee()...
KCrash: Application 'raki' crashing...
- Mar 27 2006
This is the error on the console when i start raki from there.
kio (KMimeType): WARNING: KServiceType::offers : servicetype Raki/Synchronizer not found

I have found the .desktop files in /usr/share/services with all the other KDE .desktop files. any help would be appreciated. - Mar 24 2006
Just as above I have everything installed and the connection works but when I try to configure the options in raki it says "No synchronizer found for Appointment". The same for all the others. I am using the latest Kanotix flavor of Debian. - Mar 23 2006