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Utilities Dec 17 2017
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by damir
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Dec 17 2017
I've added a page to the incubator section
Let's see how far we get. Though still need to find a sponsor in the KDE Community. - Feb 03 2018
Thanks for the feedback :)
Sure, I have thought about it but never came further then that. Not sure what I need to do and where to start in order to make it an KDE app. - Jan 07 2018
Done :) - Mar 30 2017
Fixed in version v1.2.1
Thanks for reporting. - Jan 20 2017
I see you have logged an issue: Crash: Ksnip 1.2.0 segfaults #20
I'll have a look at it and keep you informed via github. - Jan 19 2017
Hi sombragris, you sure it's related to the qt version? I have only 4.8 on my machine and it works for me. Where do you get this segfault error? After compiling and when starting the application? Can you run it from command line and share the output that you get? - Jan 19 2017
Thanks, I've added the link to the readme file. - Jan 17 2017
Thanks for the feedback!
Any help with translation would be welcome :) - Oct 30 2016
Thanks for the feedback! - Oct 24 2016