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Flat OSX

Aurorae Themes Feb 13 2018
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Breeze OSX

Aurorae Themes Nov 18 2017
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NixOS Login Theme 0.1 SDDM Login Themes
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Feb 14 2018
Hello TaurohtaR. I thought this might happen. I'll soon look into this and try to adjust the fonts to a responsive size rather than a fixed point size, which is problematic on high dpi screens. For now please consider following the steps in "A word on tweaking the theme". Please bear with me! Feb 16 2018
Hi gamunu. I too already thought about this. Apparently it would be nice to have the lockscreen to be in harmony with the login screen. There are two problems here though. The first one is the major one and it's the fact that the lock screen to date is a core part of plasma and does not include theming of any kind as of yet (somebody lecture me please). This could change in the future but for now you would have to modify plasma core content as you mention. This immediately causes another issue: Everytime you update plasma you'll destroy your changes, which will cause you to establish some backup-restore-tweaks-routine everytime you see that plasma is about to update.
The second issue is simply that because of all this there is simply no category on for this scenario. Really sorry for the moment. Hopefully soon there'll be an option to make themes for the lock screen as well! Feb 16 2018
Sorry for the inconvenience, I suppose most of the errors ocurring are rather sddm/plasma issues, since I really just adjusted the plasma 5.12 breeze theme. Interesting that this worked for you. Maybe it will help others as well (vmorenomarin?). Thank you for the observatios! Feb 15 2018
Weird sddm bug for now. Glad it fixed your issue! Feb 15 2018
Where's the edit button for comments?.... Feb 15 2018
Also see the thread on the arch forum where it seems that this only happens on recent/fresh Arch installs. (I'm on a settled arch install and this doesn't happen) Feb 15 2018
Also there's a high-DPI scaling setting in the sddm config file for wayland and X11 seperately. You could try to set this to true in /usr/lib/sddm/sddm.conf.d/sddm.conf Feb 15 2018
I found this bug report regarding sddm 0.17 on arch including a work around. Please check if this could solve your issue: Feb 15 2018
Also, I suppose they DO work with the standard breeze theme? Feb 15 2018
Would you mind helping me analyze this further? If you changed your screen resolution to something lower, old school, does that change anything? Feb 15 2018
Weird, they're working for me. What's your Plasma version? I'm on 5.12 Maybe they tweaked their theme in not backwards compatible ways? I'll have a look at the files and see if I can find something that would make any big difference. Feb 15 2018
Actually I'm reading that the recursive blur effect is available since Qt version 5.1 several years ago. So that shouldn't be an issue actually. Please provide as much details as possible. (OS, CPU, GPU, OpenGL version) Feb 14 2018
If your Qt version is up to date (5.10) make sure to also check that you have OpenGL running. (Info Center > Graphical Information. Hope we can solve this. Feb 14 2018
This is probably due to a Qt version mismatch. I think the recursive blur filter requires Qt 5.10. Would have to note that down in the description. Could you please do me a favor and check your Qt version under "Info Center"? (KInfocenter) Feb 14 2018
Thanks :) Feb 14 2018
Thank you. Appreciate it! Feb 14 2018
Glad you like it! Feb 14 2018
Foods Icon Theme Icon Themes
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Feb 16 2018
Hahaha awesome! Would love to see the MIME types here :D Feb 13 2018
Umicons Icon Themes
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Feb 17 2018
Awesome. The Linux world definetly needs more distinguished icon themes. Thumbs up! Feb 13 2018
Flat OSX 1.0 Aurorae Themes
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Feb 13 2018
Glad you do! If you would like to share some love don't forget to up vote the score :) Have a nice day with your new decorations!
Nov 19 2017
Breeze OSX 1.0 Aurorae Themes
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Nov 18 2017
Azawi, I really don't know what to do about this for now, sorry. On my machine actually no window theme except the breeze theme, which is programmed with Qt and not SVG-drawn, behaves correctly with the window shading function. All other themes, even Plastik, which afaik is Qt based as well, won't work. This might be a KDE bug maybe and since it's one of the lesser used features possibly get's very low interest in fixes from devs...If anybody knows better please correct me. Sorry for now. Nov 24 2016
Hello Azawi, thanks for your feedback. That's interesting, I really never have used or am using window roll up. I'll have a look at it and tell you what I've found. Nov 10 2016

Icon Themes

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Feb 13 2018