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Sep 05 2017
:) Yep, same issue again over here. - Feb 24 2017
It may be helpful to read through the older posts.
Update Vlsub to 0.10. - Nov 15 2016
update the extension following the instructions above - Nov 06 2016
Yep, blind, I found it, thanks. ;) - Nov 05 2016
Could you be more specific?
I can't find 'the instructions above'
What exactly do you mean?

There is no download link, or I'm blind. - Nov 05 2016
Linux, isn't it?
If so then add: to ~/etc/hosts. - Nov 04 2016
Did you try one of the suggestions posted earlier? - Nov 03 2016
Windows, Mac or Linux? - Nov 02 2016
Yes, and add: to ~/etc/hosts in Linux. - Nov 01 2016
Thanks, that worked for me.
Mind you people, that a host file is part of you OS, not of VLC.

I had to add: to ~/etc/hosts in Linux. - Oct 30 2016
Is it save to conclude that it affects everybody?
Weather you are on Windows, Os-x or, as I do, on Linux?

What is the reason and why is there no solution? - Oct 30 2016
Same here, Vlsub 0.9.13 opens up, takes a few seconds and is giving an error message.
After clicking ok, VLC crashes. - Oct 28 2016