Audioplayers 386 comments

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Sep 29 2017
I really want to use this audio player now that it came included in my fresh Kubuntu install, but I can't get it to recognize my local music directory. Is there any way to get assistance with this?

The parts of the 'Collection Settings' I have filled in are 'Name', 'Host: localhost' and 'Music folder '/media/classl3ss/Tertiary/Music'. It should have adequate permissions. I looked at my ksysguard and Cantata is running as my user which has read privileges. - Oct 22 2017
Latte Dock

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 70 comments

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Aug 16 2017
I love the latte dock, but it could use with an update that includes the option for "windows go over". As a temporary solution, I used the widget that is supposed to be "just for testing". I understand that many people want their windows to extend to the whole of their monitor. I think it would get more use if it had this feature as an option. - Jul 22 2017

Plasma 4 Widgets 397 comments

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Jan 30 2012
I'm going to give this a bit of a bump. Please update for Plasma 5. Thank you! - Nov 03 2016