Active Window Control

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Jun 08 2017
Yes, it works like it did before/like it should.
I should add that I only use the quit/minimize buttons of the plasmoid and nothing of the other features, so I cannot say anything about these. - Apr 24 2018
Hey! If you have already some experience with building software, it’s not a problem: Just use 'git' to clone the files to your desktop and then follow the instructions in the 'INSTALL' file. If you have not built any software yourself yet, you might want to search the web for 'compile software ubuntu' in order to get some information, background of software building, and How-To’s. I am not an expert on these matters, so I am hesitating to give you concrete instructions. - Apr 16 2018
Hold on! I just pulled and built the current version from and everything works like a charm! Very nice! - Mar 29 2018
I do really like the plasmoid! 5/5 stars!! :)
Unfortunately it seems to have a problem since a couple of weeks. I think I recognized the problem after the 5.12 update (KDE Neon) for the first time: I use Active Window Control to max/min/close windows on a fading task bar. This worked fine so far, but now it the Addon seems to not recognize the active/focused window after switching it. I only have an empty space where the buttons ought to be. After 'refocusing the window' (via minimize/maximize it), the buttons reappear immediately. Does this only happen on my machine? What can I do to solve the problem? I already tried reinstalling and re-adding the addon. - Mar 28 2018
I can confirm, that the new version from github works on KDE 5.8.3 (KDE Neon). I just replaced it with the existing one via copy and paste. - Nov 08 2016