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Obsidian Icon Theme

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Obsidian 2

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Obsidian Icon Theme 3.6 Icon Themes
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Feb 02 2018
no problem, it will come with the next release. Feb 15 2018
I'm still thinking about ways of replacing single icons which are easy enough to manage for both the user and me :-)
Do you want back the "old" terminal icon from some versions ago (the completely dark one) or the "old" Faenza terminal icon (with the white frame) ? Feb 15 2018
Hi malabiba,
I've taken a look at the package in the AUR. Seems that Gravit designer now uses a fixed icon-path, so it cannot be changed by a theme anymore. You'll have to change it manually with menulibre or alacarte. Good luck! Jan 12 2018
...and here it is :-) Nov 18 2017
No problem, you're not the first one. Maybe I have to better point it out in the comment.
If you like, I can publish a beta release...let's say by the end of the week.... Nov 14 2017
Thanks for your reply. It's very good to know that apparently there are lots of other people out there who, like me, don't like the "flatification" and "Androidification" of the Linux desktop. But please note: It is not (and has never been) the goal of this project to be a Faenza-Continuation. It's just what I'm using on my own desktop. I really love the photorealistic app icons of Faenza (imho even better than the icons on macOS), but I don't like the folders of Faenza. The mimetypes are great on light themes but they do not really fit to dark themes... there the contrast is too much intensive imho.
But I've good news for you: I'm currently working on a new project which will be a Faenza-Continuation: All the Faenza stuff plus the app icons I created for Obsidian. Should be ready for launch in January :-) Nov 13 2017
Ah ok, thanks for reporting! - I've tested with the version from the Gravit website, but it seems the versions in the various Distro-Repos require a different icon name. I've updated it on Github and tested with the Gravit Designer installation from my Distro's repo (Manjaro/Arch). So if you install the icons staged at Github it should work now. A new release (zip-File) will be launched in the next weeks. Nov 13 2017
Thanks for reporting, I've fixed the warnings and also set up a new icon for gnome-commander and reworked Atom. Nov 07 2017
Thanks for the suggestions! They've been added!
Nov 07 2017
Ok, Hangouts has been added and I've set up another icon for gthumb :-) Nov 07 2017
Hi, thanks for your suggestions. I've added these apps in the latest version. Nov 07 2017
Sure I can :-) - I've added it to the Github sources. Will be available with the next release. Oct 29 2017
Thank you! :)
Android Studio should already be there. Can you tell me your Distribution? - Maybe I have to do a bugfix... Oct 26 2017
Graag gedaan :) Greetings back from Münster, Germany! Oct 23 2017
Now they are. Enjoy! :-) Oct 23 2017
Ah ok. Here it is... Oct 22 2017
Hi, no problem, but there is a cyan folder color, which is the same as what is known as aqua. Or do you mean a slightly different color? Can you show me any image or give me a hex code of the color you wanna have? Oct 15 2017
Would it also be ok having gray app-icons? This could be combined with each of the folder colors, so everyone who likes monochrome app icons can still pick his favourite color... Oct 05 2017
Ok, if you think so, I can do this. Can you show me 1 or 2 examples of your recolored icons?
The popularity for the other people should be no problem, for it will be optional. But I would do only one color 'cause the apps (more than 2000) are by far the biggest part of the icon pack (numbers as well as size). So if I'd do one version for each color, the package would become nearly 8 times larger...
It also will take some time to create, so don't expect it in the next minor release ;-) Oct 04 2017
Interesting idea! I'll do some expermienting to see how it looks. But do you really think this will look great? - Especially the photorealistic style of the Faenza-app-icons depends on the colors, so I think a single-color / monochrome version would fit more to an icon pack like Vibrancy, Papirus and all these flat ones... Oct 04 2017
Yeah, many thanks, think I've got it. Version 3.2 should work correctly. Sep 28 2017
Hi, which version of Ubuntu are you running and what was your battery status? I've taken a look at 14.04 - a battery icon appears (not the one I want, so I have to fix it anyway...). Sep 26 2017
Hey, no problem, I've added sayonara player and cryptkeeper. Clipgrab is already there, but the icon path of the application is static. So you have to change the icon manually using alacarte or menulibre. The same with cryptkeeper. Aug 27 2017
Good idea. I've completely redesigned the file manager icon, multiple colors included :-) Aug 27 2017
...and here it is :-) Aug 16 2017
Hi, emblems are already there. Can you tell me which one you miss on which distribution? I'll add them. Aug 14 2017
Hey, you're right, a warm color is still missing. I'm currently working on an amber variant. Jul 30 2017
Hey, no problem, do whatever you like :-) The latest commit finally brings you an updated geany-icon... Jul 02 2017
Hi, new app icons are welcome! I don't have some kind of template, but you don't need one. If I create a new icon, I pick an existing one which is similar to what I wanna create, remove everything unnecessary (maybe change the background-color) and add the new foreground-stuff. Jun 25 2017
Bug is fixed, thanks for your help! :-) Some MATE-specific icons have also been added. Jun 25 2017
Hi, sorry for the late reply. The weather icons are in the status directory. With e.g. the OpenWeather gnome extension the icons are working. Which icons are you missing, in which application/widget ? Jun 16 2017
I've seen nothing strange yet. Can you tell me which distribution/desktop you're using? Jun 16 2017
Delft 1.0 Icon Themes
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Feb 14 2018
Hi, thank you for the suggestion/report.
It will be fixed within the final release in one week or two... :-) Jan 22 2018
Hi, thanks for reporting. Should be fixed now. Jan 22 2018
Obsidian 2 2.3.1 GTK3 Themes
Score 72%
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Nov 14 2017
Hi Evert,
ab jetzt ja :-) Hätte ich schon längst tun sollen...
so long,
Marcus Nov 14 2017
Hi, thank you for reporting. Currently I've only integrated support for Gnome, Cinnamon and Mate. Xfce is next on my ToDo-List. For the moment I'd recommend using another theme if you're not on one of the above mentioned desktops... Oct 29 2017
...I feard it.
Maybe I can handle it with the next major release: I'm currently working on a light version with a dark-mode. The dark mode will be the current theme. This will fix some other issues like dark Textfields in Firefox or Chrome - and with a little bit of luck, the dark cells in Spreadsheet as well.
If everything goes well, it will be finished in November, for I'm also working on compatibility with the latest Gnome version, and this takes time... Oct 23 2017
you've done everything right. I know this issue, but it is difficult to fix. WPS Spreadsheet takes the color directly from the theme-base-color of gtk2.
Normally, an application which brings its own UI-skin should set _every_ color by itself and not pick up single colors from the system theme. So imho it's a problem of WPS Spreadsheet. In Writer and Presentation they've done it correctly. Have you tried changing the color of the sheet manually? (Options -> color). I've already tried to fix it, but it seems I cannot fix this. If I change the color to light, it would affect lots of components in every other application... Oct 23 2017
Ok, seems I'll have to create a light variant as a default with the current one as its dark mode. This is how Vimix and OSX-Arc-Collection handle it. Give me 1 or 2 weeks.
For the moment, I'll remove the Firefox workaround 'cause there are much more Chrome users out there than Firefox users (unfortunately) and the FF-workaround has this nasty side effect in Chrome... If the light variant is released, lovers of dark will have to enable the dark mode, Firefox will work, Chrome will work and everyone's happy :-) Oct 05 2017
Yes, I've already seen the problem with the dark textboxes and text in the chrome addressbar. I'm currently trying to fix it. Have you seen it somewhere else? In any other application? Oct 05 2017
Thank you! I've taken a look at it. Unfortunately it only seems to work with GNOME if the user enables the usage of dark themes in the Tweak Tool: Firefox textfields stay at the default (light) version while all other applications become dark. Anyway, I found a way to do a workaround for our Firefox-problem - quick-and-dirty but it seems to work for the moment ;-) Just check out the latest version. Good luck and big thanks for your help! Sep 29 2017
Yes, the textfields in FF are still a problem. I'm also using Firefox as my default/favourite browser, but I still haven't figured out how to fix this. More, I don't know any dark theme which can handle it. For the moment, I'm looking forward to Firefox 57, which will bring better gtk+ support.
Anyway, if I've found a way to fix it, I'll bring an update asap, just because I need it by myself ;-) Sep 26 2017
Oh yes, this component does'n have a hover state yet, but I'll bring one with the next release, soon. Sep 19 2017
Hey, you've done everything right I'm sure. This looks difficult to fix. WPS Spreadsheet takes the color directly from the theme-base-color of gtk2. Normally, an application which brings its own UI-skin should set _every_ color by itself and not pick up single colors from the system theme. So I'd say it's a problem of Spreadsheet. In Writer and Presentation they've done it correctly. Have you tried changing the color of the sheet manually? (Options -> color). I'll do some experimenting on that, but it seems I cannot fix this. If I change the color to light, I'd affect lots of components in every other application... Sep 19 2017
this shouldn't happen. Seems like some kind of caching problem (maybe your previous theme was light?). I'm using Firefox as well and my FF-tabs are completely dark. Does this happen even after a restart of Firefox? Sep 19 2017
I'll take a look at it. Can you tell me a specific widget or an application where it happens... Sep 18 2017
Hey, thanks for reporting! Minor bugs have to be fixed as well ;-)
I just forgot testing on MATE - with v2.0.2 it should work now. Sep 18 2017
My mistake. The parsing errors occured in every branch, but I missed some in the gtk-3.20 files. I've done a second fix. Sep 18 2017
Hey, thanks for reporting! I've done a fix ...hope I got them all :-) Sep 17 2017
Yes, I wanna create a red and an amber variant. At the moment I'm a little busy with my icon packs, but an update for this theme is next on my To-Do-List :-) Aug 28 2017