DamaDamas Icon Theme

Icon Themes Jan 12 2018
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DamaDamas Icon Theme

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Jan 12 2018
Thanks - Jan 29 2018
Add scprit change folder action and panel icons - Sep 17 2017
The problem should be solved thanks for the help from the gitten - Sep 07 2017

I have no idea what the cause of the mistake is. Have you ever built a damadamas before? Have you tried the link that is - Sep 03 2017
Yes a script that will offer the user the option can be nice. - Sep 03 2017

I did not pay much attention to the theme as I was busy. I will try to keep it from where I was most recently.(translate) - Aug 24 2017
Merci pour les commentaires. Je dois étudier pour un contact de fenêtre. Peut-être à l'avenir.(Translate :D) - Feb 24 2017
Sory my english is bad. I cant understand. Theme have green folder icon => /places/usr-folders/folder-green.svg - Feb 20 2017
Xfe Modern Win

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Aug 31 2017

The goal of making icons is to provide a familiar look to new acquaintances with linux. Also they are not individual windows icons. Added elegance to windows icons. - Aug 31 2017