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May 05 2018
I added "np url.text" which contains the location of the file in URI format.
This should work, the URI is just a, more technical, alternative for location of a file. - May 05 2018
and now it's a official feature. Thank for the tip.
Note: the output file is called "np_radio.txt" because, except if you listen a web radio, is identical to "np_title.txt" - Apr 15 2018
The extension is not active by default.
To activate the extension, go to the Menu Bar > View > Now Playing in texts
A small check mark ✔ will appear if the extension is active. - Sep 11 2017
Transform your original file in a .mkv via MKVToolNix, then use MKVExtract
[Stop off topic / End of discussion] - Jun 20 2017
Oh, this.
No, sorry, I do not think it is possible.
(But if it's possible, it's way too much above my skills)
But if you wanted to retrieve chapters (for other usage), use MKVToolNix and MKVExtractGUI-2 - Jun 19 2017
Chapters? Are about Track Number? - Jun 18 2017
Fantasy Map Brushes

Gimp Brushes

by yd0
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Apr 27 2017