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Jun 21 2018
Good job, I like it! Please, if possible, could you make a "Flat" version? Maybe with the Nautilus side bar slightly more transparent.
Thanks. - Mar 05 2018
macOS High Sierra

Gnome Shell Themes 90 comments

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May 23 2018
How to do change the selector (MouseOver) from black to gray, or other colors, in the menus? - Feb 18 2018
Well... now miss us the icons. Thanks :) - Feb 11 2018
Good job, I like it. Can you give us the link for gtk3 theme I see on the screenshots, please.
Thanks. - Feb 11 2018

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Apr 16 2018
Hi, I'm sorry that I no longer develop the theme of OSX-Arc-Plus ... I'm still using version 1.4.1, but from Gnome 3.20+ I don't see the transparency of the Nautilus side panel while I look at it in the top bar.
How do I change the color of the Nautilus side panel in the OSX-Arc-White theme, to make it the same as the Plus version?
Tnx - Sep 26 2017

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Apr 18 2018
I think I'll wait you... :-D
Tnx - Sep 13 2017
Hi, I can not get the blue folders ... how do they change once the icon pack is downloaded?
Thanks. - Sep 11 2017
McCrouz iCons

Icon Themes 8 comments

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Jan 28 2018
With gnome 3.20 and 3.24 folder icons change shape, and color, when I look at the list, and with the small grid. With the medium-large grid over 48 px, the icons are the same as the screenshots. - Sep 07 2017
Very nice, but folder icons are different than screenshot - Aug 29 2017

GTK3 Themes 32 comments

by Noob
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19 hours ago
Congratulations, good job. I saw that there are two folders on the dock... how did you do it? In "Dash to Dock" (v.57 - Gnome 3.20) I did not see any options. Can you use another dock? - May 03 2017