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Yosa Max Icon Theme

Icon Themes Aug 15 2018
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Yosa Vector Tree 4K

Nature Jul 11 2018
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Yosa Max Icon Theme

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Score 73%
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Aug 15 2018
As far as I know icons on the menu bar have specific default sizes according to the bar's height/size, if you want to make the icons look bigger, you can do it by adjusting the height of the bar. - Sep 10 2018
*top bar - Sep 10 2018
Sorry which top do you mean? - Sep 10 2018
Thanks :) - Aug 08 2018
Fixed. You'll see it with the new icons in the next update :) - Aug 02 2018
Nice to know that you like it :) - Aug 01 2018
I'll consider to work on it, but I myself not a big fan of any dark theme, so yeah, maybe later. Thanks for your suggestions. - Aug 01 2018
I'll check it later - Jul 31 2018
Thanks, glad that you like it - Jul 31 2018
Hi there, as you can see in the description, I decided to rename it to Yosa Max as I'm trying to make it more original by improving and adding more new icons. Also now that I think about it I kinda want to avoid the word "Mix" because it could lead people to think as if this icon theme only a mix from other creators works - Jul 12 2018
Hi there, thank you for your feedback, and I'm glad that you like this icon theme :) - Jan 31 2018
Thanks for your kind words, it really encourages me to improve this icon theme further :) - Jan 19 2018
Thanks mate, I'm glad that you like it :) and happy new year to you too :) - Jan 01 2018