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Xfce Evolution

GTK3 Themes Jul 05 2018
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Xfce Evolution

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by gyll
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Jul 05 2018
err, my proposal was sent to xubuntu, not to xfce, i'll try to pitch it directly to xfce too - 2 days ago
He he, great minds think alike :P
Actually, i made this proposal to xfce, but they were not all that thrilled with the idea :) They are more like looking for maintainers for what they already have in store (at least for the time being), which i was not keen getting into. I'll try to pitch it to them again a bit later as the theme gets even more polished, and who knows...

Hi Virgil,

thanks for the message and the links. I've checked them out, those are some nice looking themes!

Regarding your proposal, we're trying to only keep a minimum amount of themes in Xubuntu, but always make sure they are maintained and retained. So ideally when you upgrade you would find your theme there and working. We also are a fairly small artwork team, a lot of things I've maintained alone for many years (Greybird and elementary-xfce mostly) and there's always enough work with Gtk+3 versions or other aspects changing - so I'm rather looking for supporters with the already existing artwork stock. Would that interest you at all? - 2 days ago
Thanks for your "+", several more tweaks are on their way, so stay tuned :) - Jul 14 2018
Nopse, this theme is specifically meant for Xfce, that's why it's xfwm-only, i don't even know how it looks like on other DEs :) I did have the intentions to write a metacity definition but i soon gave up, metacity really is a mess to start writing a theme for it from scratch... - Jul 14 2018
still, maybe you can me some screenshots, who knows, maybe i'll find some time to look around and investigate. no promises whatsoever (because of my total ignorance on the subject), but who knows, maybe by sheer luck i'll run into something some day - Jul 13 2018
oops, unfortunately i have no clue whatsoever about what exactly compiz is and what it does, so, along with a "thank you" for your nice words, please also accept my "geesh, i really can't help you with any of that..." :( - Jul 13 2018
Thank you - Jul 09 2018
Thanks man, a couple more tweaking options on their way :)

Cheers! - Jul 05 2018
Thanks for your '+', glad you liked it :) - Jun 17 2018
okay, check 'HACKING' and you'll find the tweaking options there (and you'll only use them for the gtk3 theme) - Jun 12 2018
And yet one more thing: stay tuned in the following days because a new update is on its way with a few more nice tweaks (improved highlighting for mouse-over on darker themes among other things) - Jun 12 2018
Uh, one more thing: if you'll find this theme useful please rate it so that other users can find it more easily based on its ranking (well, dunno if rating is still possible for regular users anymore, but you can try :) - Jun 12 2018
Thanks :) - Jun 12 2018

As for tweaking options, please see the 'HACKING' file in the 'Xfce Evolution' base theme folder.

Also, since maybe you did not read the 'HACKING' file, i'm thinking maybe you also didn't read the 'INSTALL' file; please read this file carefully and use EXACTLY the install procedure described there because otherwise you might miss some important bits and pieces (e.g. the font fix for Qt5 apps, etc).

Cheers! - Jun 12 2018
Uh, really? I don't see any blog post on this - May 15 2018
I had my say regarding abusers and solutions to try against them, here , so i tried. But apparently my point of view is not shared/understood by the admins. So be it. - May 14 2018
Thanks for the nice words and thank you for your pling; however, financial rewards do not interest me at all for this kind of work, and in fact i am totally against the current voting scheme imposed on this site. The only reason this theme is still maintained here is because it started it here, no new work will find its way on this site from me (until/unless voting is reverted to a democratic scheme).

That said, thanks again! - May 14 2018
window decorations: well, sure, you can use anything that works well, but the problem with not using my decoration is that the gtk3-csd (the apps without window decorations) don't look consistent, i'll make a thinner border version in a future release - Mar 22 2018
yes, just some small changes (e.g. the buttons on the dark taskbar have a less prominent relief) and some code cleanup. and yes again, no history entry for this one, i don't document revisions in history, just major and minor releases - Feb 19 2018
oh, forgot to ask, the themes with light panel work fine? - Feb 13 2018
works at my end, you had a similar problem before and it was because your archive manager was not extracting the symlinks. The solution that worked for you was to use the command line 'unzip', so try to extract the archive with unzip in terminal (btw, using the command line 'unzip' is the way it should be done, see 'Xfce Evolution/INSTALL' file) - Feb 13 2018
@fblais: finally, there you have it: light/dark/black xfce-panel options (see 'Xfce Evolution/HACKING' file) :) - Feb 12 2018
Thanks! - Feb 06 2018
I mean the lack of Win 95 theme in Win 8+ - Feb 06 2018
Remember Win98 Plus: uh oh, i even remember Win 95 Plus! And actually i remember them quite well, i used Win 7 with 'classic' theme (which looks just like Win 95) until i switched to linux. As a matter of fact, the lack of Win 95 theme was *THE* reason i switched, believe it or not :))) - Feb 06 2018
Bronze: i also have days when i switch to bronze or crux, but most of the time i stay with the default, looks as classic as it gets to me - Feb 06 2018
Glad you like it, if you're really happy with it then please rate it, that's all we developers get in return for our work :) - Feb 06 2018
You made my day! - Feb 02 2018
will do, will do, stay tuned :) - Jan 31 2018
if you just want to change only the selected items color then you can do this simply by changing selected_bg_color definitions in gtk-2.0/gtkrc and gtk-3.0/gtk.css - Jan 19 2018
As far as i can see in google images, the "bluecurve" theme has a gray color for the windows, am i wrong? - Jan 18 2018
i don't understand what you mean by "bluecurve version", i can only change the main colors for a "sub-theme", i cannot change the way each widget looks. You mean you'd like to have a "sub-theme" with the window main color #6674CC ? - Jan 18 2018
You're welcome :) Thank You for reporting the issue, i always use details-view, so i really didn't see the prob in the icon-views. - Nov 27 2017
3.1.9, guess it's done now, unfortunately i don't know what to do about the contrast, spacing, etc of that rectangle. When i'll have more time i'll look into it and see if there's anything that can be done to increase the contrast. - Nov 27 2017
did i understand you wrong? isn't the dotted row what you meant? - Nov 27 2017
Okay, fixed, and also fixed gtk2 multiple selection to make it look the same with gtk3 (removed the individual items' borders). Actually, i'm almost done with achieving all the original goals for this theme, just finished with coloring the gtk3 infobars, and probably the next release will be 4.0.0 after which i'll take a break (i have a pretty busy period ahead).

Thanks for the report, it was important for kbd-based operation.

Cheers! - Nov 27 2017
I suppose you mean for gtk2, right? Okay, i'll look into it. - Nov 27 2017
Oh, and if you like the theme please rate it. Ummm... but only if it's a thumbs up :D - Nov 17 2017
You're welcome, fixed those gtk3 errors (among many other things).

Cheers! - Nov 17 2017
yes, i know, they are harmless (they come from a crude way of "commenting" out lines in the css file by putting an invalid character '#' at the beginning of lines). I got this complaint also from somebody else, so i guess i'll just have to fix this :) - Nov 17 2017
That's EXACTLY the whole purpose of the theme, thanks! - Nov 12 2017
Differences between revisions (last digit) are just bug fixes and/or simple tweaks, e.g. 3.1.2 fixed a long-standing bug which was not showing the hue and opacity sliders in the gtk3 color picker, fixed the height of buttons when inside a gtk2 notebook tab and tweaked their shades, increased the spacing between the label and the close button in gtk3 tabs, and... ummm... i don't remember what else :).

Thing is, revision bumps (last digit) are just bug fixes/tweaks which i generally don't document, minor version bumps (second digit) add new features, and major version bumps (first digit) signify [what i consider to be] important milestones.

Cheers! - Nov 12 2017
Dark panel is easy to do, i also thought about this, but i didn't decided yet on how to make it optional (i.e. how to allow the user to switch from light to dark). For the time being i keep it light for the sake of consistency, but i'll be thinking about this... - Nov 11 2017
You're welcome, being true to the original is more important :) Anywayz, the highlight color is trivial to change by yourself, just read the INSTALL file. I didn't put so much emphasis on this (the highlight color) exactly because it's so easy to change to whatever you like. - Nov 11 2017
File roller works fine for me (i sent you a pic, here: ) - Nov 08 2017
Yup, consistecy was the whole point. When i finally switched to linux a few months ago (after flirting with the idea for several years and preparing myself for the switch by using only linux ports on windows) i simply coulnd't work with it, the inconsistencies in the existing themes were so distracting that i couldn't do any work whatsoever. I'm really glad when people understand the whole purpose of this theme: nothing fancy, no bells and whistles, just a cleaner and less distracting working environment. - Nov 08 2017
1) i have xubuntu 17.04
2) so with unzip in terminal everything works alright? - Nov 08 2017
CDE theme

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May 07 2018
@elbullazul yup, that could be a good idea.
@josvanr alternatively, you can pm me on the project's sourceforge page and send me your contact info, and i'll send you back my skype id. - Apr 27 2018
by "changes" i mean more like... fixes - Apr 26 2018

Tell me, if i'll make a list of less than 10 changes, not very complicated, will you at least look into it (asking you this because you said "this is as far as i want to take it")?

Check out my theme also here: - Apr 26 2018
CDE theme

GTK3 Themes

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Apr 26 2018