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Oct 23 2017
Quick update.

I have looked into a GTK2 version. Unfortunately, getting consistent looks between GTK2 and GTK3 is extremely complicated; even if it were possible to get the shape of (most) widgets right, a lot of things continue not to match, like the Open file... window, and there is simply no way to get it right.

60% similar is doable. 80% is maybe doable, but with far more time than I have on my hands. More than 90% is, IMHO, utterly impossible in a way that is maintaineable with GTK3.

Consequently, I will *not* be releasing a GTK2 version of this theme.

All I can recommend is:

1. Switch to a desktop environment that respects its users, and is preferably written using a toolkit not tied to Gnome. KDE, LXQT or your favourite homebrew system are excellent alternatives. I originally wrote this theme so that I could keep using applications like Atril (formerly Evince), which I used for years before they got butchered up in Gnome 3. It turned out to be a failure as well.

2. If you cannot do that, for whatever reason, pester the GTK and Gnome develoeprs to finish with GTK's eternal beta once and for all and support application developers so that they can move to GTK3 entirely.

3. Alternatively, sponsor any effort to keep GTK2 ports going, and use any of the excellent GTK2 themes that have been working for a decade now.

I myself have gone by the #1 route months ago. I will continue to maintain this theme for as long as there are people using it (hence the three containers I have, for running Gnome, Cinnamon and XFCE). However, I believe that if you value the Free Software community, the efforts of thousands of *independent* developers who value their users more than they value the corporate paychecks which sponsor their psuedo-FOSS work, and software freedom in general, you should move away from anything Gnome-related. - Jan 28 2018
Unfortunately, I don't have the config files anymore, but it was really just a trivially-tweaked version of one of taviso's more famous works. Trivially-tweaked as in just a couple of different icons and an integrated xdg menu.

If you google for taviso's fvwm2rc you'll get various results from a bunch of people, with various tweaks. I think this is a mirror of the original: . - Dec 14 2017
> I'm just looking for "close enough" where the difference is not jarring.

It looks like it's all that's possible right now. I'm really disappointed with the state of these things. It's like we're back in 2002.

> The more content I can see at any given time, the happier I am.

This has been an explicit motivation for me as well. Large widgets that make me roll my eyes all over the screen are very tiresome to use, I really don't understand how people manage to use these things. Maybe on 4K screens, or really tiny tablet screens, it makes sense, but for real computers... it's a step backwards, IMHO, and I really don't know what to do on the long term. - Nov 08 2017
Thank you! I've been looking over some existing GTK2 themes to try figure out the most important idioms. It's doable. Unfortunately, thanks to GTK3 being the mess it is, it's *highly* unlikely that I'll ever be able to get 100% similar looks. Far more experienced theme developers have been unable to do it (see e.g. the various Clearlooks ports).

I'll do my best, but I'll be blunt about it -- your best chance is to stop using GTK altogether. I myself have stopped using GTK applications shortly after publishing this theme. I'll maintain it for as long as I can, but the best advice I can give is to look for software built on saner foundations :(. - Nov 06 2017
Damn. I mean visually-trivial *themes* above, but there's no edit button :( - Oct 14 2017
I doubt it will ever get GTK3 support. GTK3 no longer has support for theme engines. It only supports CSS themes now. At best, I can imagine a framework theme over which one can come with a QtCurve-like settings customization system, but that's pretty much all.

IMHO, unitary looks between GTK3 and Qt will only happen for visually-trivial for the foreseeable future. That's why I'm not holding my breath for compatibility. - Oct 14 2017
I've been playing with moving away from GTK3 applications entirely lately. Except for Firefox and Thunderbird, it seems feasible -- everything else either has straight Qt equivalents, or can still be compiled with a GTK2 frontend, which works with QtCurve. - Oct 12 2017
The Amiga BlueTabs themes for GTK2 were really, *really* good, I used them for a very long time.

I'll be blunt about it -- the only reason why I targeted the earlier looks is that it's a little easier. I basically learned CSS in order to write this theme, so I'm by no means an expert, and most of the GTK3 themes I've seen are *a lot* of code; having written one, I now understand why -- there are a lot of hacks needed to get GTK3 looking right, and I have no idea how I'm going to make all of them. Oftentimes you fix something for an application only to find out you've broken something else. It's quite a mess :(. I haven't written GTK2 themes, but those seemed a lot less fragile.

I can't promise a GTK2 theme, as there's a lot of learning effort involved (I haven't written any of those, either, but that's just because I havent' felt the need). But I'll look into it and bump it high enough on the TODO list that, as soon as I have a couple of free afternoons, I'll try to come up with something decent.

I totally understand why supporting GTK2 is a good idea. XFCE4 still has a lot of GTK2 applications, and with all the problems that GTK3 has, I'm not at all surprised that a lot of users still prefer it. - Sep 23 2017
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