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TurkinOS Icon

Icon Themes 2 comments

by swlx
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Jun 16 2018
Add icon Devede,Dvd95,Guvcvievew,Wxcas,Simplescan,Streamtuner 2 To make it even better for Gnome - Jul 16 2018
Make it an optimized version also for Xfce but with icons for clear menus.... exceptional REALLY!!!!! - Jul 14 2018
Flat Remix ICON theme

Icon Themes 118 comments

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1 day ago
Add Dvd95,Devede,Guvcview,Wxcas - Jul 16 2018
and also icon for Guvcview is missing!!!! - May 01 2018
Stupendous is missing an icon of Wxcas that Defaulth Stona and a little smaller than that of Kde Connect to achieve perfection!!!!! - May 01 2018
Suru++ Telinkrin

Icon Themes 34 comments

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Jul 09 2018
Please add icons to Guvcview, DeVeDe-NG, Dvd95, Streamtuner2, Timeshift, Wxcas, ABRT (Fedora Error Reporting)

Thank you so much for the work, please do not miss the theme that is really great!!!! - Jul 16 2018
Please open a repository for Fedora, the theme is really nice and very elegant, as they should be today themes for gnome that instead are always incomplete or never updated!!!! - Jul 16 2018
macOS High Sierra

Gnome Shell Themes 90 comments

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May 23 2018
Make even a compact version suitable for small monitors and with a much smaller calendar is beautiful!!!!! - Jun 23 2018
XGnome Enhanced Fedora

Gnome Shell Themes 6 comments

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Jun 09 2018
Also make it a compact version suitable for small monitors and with very small menus is beautiful!!!!! - Jun 23 2018
macOS iCons

Icon Themes 117 comments

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Jun 21 2018
dvd95.x86_64 : Graphical dvd9 to dvd5 converter

devedeng.noarch : A program to create video DVDs and CDs (VCD, sVCD or CVD)

guvcview.x86_64 : GTK+ UVC Viewer and Capturer

- Jun 22 2018
Add Alink Creator,Wxcas,Dvd95,Devede-ng,Gucviewer - Jun 17 2018

GTK3 Themes 37 comments

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Mar 14 2018
But update it???? - Jun 14 2018
The theme is without doubt the best and most elegant, I'm using it on Gnome 3.26.2..

I preferred however the bar always transparent black hideous and also buttons are scarce... - Apr 28 2018
It is the most beautiful theme, but on Fedora 27 Istaller does not go.... put them normally themes
- Oct 22 2017
La Capitaine

Icon Themes 123 comments

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Sep 06 2017
It was the best package, because its development stopped instead of making it more complete and more and more rich of icons??? - May 02 2018

Icon Themes 102 comments

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4 hours ago
In the repositories for Fedora 27 anyway updates have not come more for some time now!!!! - May 01 2018
See I was wrong to write.... because they are nicer icons designed you than the original software and so the package Iconeavrebbe had a more homogeneous and complete, but it is only my impression!!!! Seen is the most complete package it was nice to have them all designed by you!!! - May 01 2018
They would really like also new icons for Dnfdragora, FedoraMediaWriter, Boxes, Shotwell, gedit (that those of defaulth are homely), to Do, Wireshark, Video, TeamViewer, Desee, Dvd95, Contacts (really bad), Guvcview - Apr 30 2018
Remake contacts and files that are homely if possible and add: Airmirror, Dvd95, Guvciview... For the rest is the best package without a doubt and perhaps the most complete!!!! - Apr 07 2018
Deepin Icons Collection

Icon Themes 23 comments

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May 29 2018
I'm using them on Fedora 27... beautiful, I just wanted to ask if it was possible a more suitable icon for Amule, Amule GUI and add Alinkcreator, Wxcas, Guvcview, dvd95 and a nicer icon for contacts!!!!
It's definitely the most beautiful and colorful package I think a little touch would give perfection including missing icons!!!! - Apr 22 2018
iOS 11 Theme

GTK3 Themes 6 comments

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Apr 02 2018
Gnome 3.26.2 ** (bleachbit:12494): WARNING **: Invalid borders specified for theme pixmap:
borders don't fit within the image
- Apr 06 2018
We hope to see it soon available also for Gnome 3.28 given it's really very cute - Apr 05 2018
Flat Remix GNOME theme

Gnome Shell Themes 55 comments

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May 17 2018
But I'm really using it on Fedora 27 with Gnome 3.26.2... Create a compact version by reducing notifications size and the menu size for those who use extension "Arch menu ".....

It's the best, that way it's perfection on small notebooks!!!! - Apr 05 2018
Flat Plat Blue has made a compact version optimizing space and menus, but on Fedora 27 gives problems also the original is more you could optimize a bit I would recommend to open a repository including GTK and icons!!!
- Oct 23 2017
But not by much just a bit already would be fine.... keep I would really appreciate it is really nice!!!! - Oct 23 2017
If you make the menus less wide that are more suitable even for small monitors is the most beautiful theme..... make it more compact!!!!! - Oct 22 2017
Human Shell Theme Collection

Gnome Shell Themes 97 comments

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Apr 12 2018
Would it be great to have an optimized version even for small monitors is possible??? - Oct 21 2017