Sondrio Valtellina, Italy
Deepin Icons Collection

Icon Themes 19 comments

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Apr 12 2018
I'm using them on Fedora 27... beautiful, I just wanted to ask if it was possible a more suitable icon for Amule, Amule GUI and add Alinkcreator, Wxcas, Guvcview, dvd95 and a nicer icon for contacts!!!!
It's definitely the most beautiful and colorful package I think a little touch would give perfection including missing icons!!!! - 1 day ago

Gnome Shell Themes 1 comment

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Apr 06 2018
Great job, it would be to add a GTK and create a convenient repository for Fedora continuing development!!!

Congratulations... - Apr 07 2018

Icon Themes 69 comments

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Mar 31 2018
Remake contacts and files that are homely if possible and add: Airmirror, Dvd95, Guvciview... For the rest is the best package without a doubt and perhaps the most complete!!!! - Apr 07 2018
iOS 11 Theme

GTK3 Themes 6 comments

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Apr 02 2018
Gnome 3.26.2 ** (bleachbit:12494): WARNING **: Invalid borders specified for theme pixmap:
borders don't fit within the image
- Apr 06 2018
We hope to see it soon available also for Gnome 3.28 given it's really very cute - Apr 05 2018
Flat Remix GNOME theme

Gnome Shell Themes 52 comments

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Mar 23 2018
But I'm really using it on Fedora 27 with Gnome 3.26.2... Create a compact version by reducing notifications size and the menu size for those who use extension "Arch menu ".....

It's the best, that way it's perfection on small notebooks!!!! - Apr 05 2018
Flat Plat Blue has made a compact version optimizing space and menus, but on Fedora 27 gives problems also the original is more you could optimize a bit I would recommend to open a repository including GTK and icons!!!
- Oct 23 2017
But not by much just a bit already would be fine.... keep I would really appreciate it is really nice!!!! - Oct 23 2017
If you make the menus less wide that are more suitable even for small monitors is the most beautiful theme..... make it more compact!!!!! - Oct 22 2017

GTK3 Themes 34 comments

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Mar 14 2018
It is the most beautiful theme, but on Fedora 27 Istaller does not go.... put them normally themes
- Oct 22 2017
Human Shell Theme Collection

Gnome Shell Themes 94 comments

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Apr 12 2018
Would it be great to have an optimized version even for small monitors is possible??? - Oct 21 2017