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Jun 25 2018
I *really* like this theme. Thank you for all the work you put into creating it. I am using mainly GTK 3 apps, but at least one GTK 2 app (HexChat) but the look of all applications is consistent.

Just one question - is it possible to use the default Adwaita window theme (Metacity ?) instead of this one? I know it would remove some of the OSX look, but that's what I want. I tried editing the theme's metadata file but even when I requested the Adwaita Metacity theme the theme applied was still your theme. - Apr 16 2018

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Apr 30 2018
"The blue version is an idea of 'phayz' who had trouble changing the theme, so I've done everything for him (which, btw Phayz, was a hell of a job. That orange come popping up everywhere...) I hope You like it."

Sorry for replying so late but I *love* the blue variation. I can only imagine how much time, testing, and tweaking it took to get it looking so good. Thank you!!! - Dec 17 2017
I have just tried it, and it looks good! The only problem I've seen so far is that in Nautilus, files' names are invisible. - Nov 07 2017
Wow... thank you! - Nov 07 2017
Thank you. I looked in the `assets` folder and saw all the bitmaps files, so I understand that changing their colouring is not as simple as changing CSS. I will try to find out what's going wrong with my editing of the CSS. - Nov 06 2017
I edited `gtk-main.css`, changing "@define-color selected_bg_color #318dc6;". That has worked for most of the GTK UI, but I am still seeing the dark orange in buttons etc.

How do I change the colouring of drop-down lists? At the moment the highlighted element of a drop-down list is dark grey on a blue background. If I change `selected_bg_color` back to its original colour, I see dark grey on a dark orange background. - Nov 06 2017
This theme, and the others you have created recently, look absolutely fantastic! I especially appreciate attention being given to GTK2 apps. I find that though I run 95% GTK3 apps, my 1 or 2 GTK2-based apps look odd when I enable a new GTK3-only theme.

Do I understand from "this means changing colors in 'main.gtk.CSS' will have no advers effect on the changes I've made." that I can edit this file and specify a different colour? I prefer blue over the Ubuntu orange, so am keen to change the theme to suit my tastes. - Nov 06 2017

GTK3 Themes

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Nov 07 2017