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SysMon plasmoid

Plasma 5 Monitoring by burlog 17 comments


it seems like that systemmonitor doesn't provide any "sources" or they aren't added to table in Data Sources table.

Do you see any rows in this table and just the sources name column is empty or even rows is missing?

Have you tried to open the configuration dialog and click to Data Sources tab in plasmoidviewer?

Is there any "error" message in plasmoidviewer console output if you try it?

Is ksysguardd process running?

$ ps ax | grep ksysguardd

You can also try to see if systemmonitor is in output of this command

$ plasmaengineexplorer --list systemmonitor

and if yes do you see any DataSources:

$ plasmaengineexplorer --engine systemmonitor

You can edit ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.github.burlog.plasmoid-sysmon/contents/ui/DataSourcesConfig.qml file and add new lines between 73-74 and 74-75 lines how the example shows:

for (var i in systemmonitor.sources) {
print("before filter", i)
if (systemmonitor.sources[i].match(/[^\x{0000}-\x{007F}]/)) continue
print("after filter", i)

After file saving the plasma must be restarted. You can logout and login or you can run

$ killall plasmashell && plasmashell

Thanks for "debuging" :) - Nov 20 2017
SysMon plasmoid

Plasma 5 Monitoring by burlog 17 comments

Hello, can you send me output of this commands:

$ cd ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.github.burlog.plasmoid-sysmon
$ plasmoidviewer --applet . - Nov 20 2017