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Sep 15 2018
Didn't work. I looked at the plasma systemsettings as suggested and found that none of the touchscreen swipe settings was in use. Anyway I am quite satisfied. The dock works fine with "Behave as normal dock window" off - Dec 01 2017
Hi. I had a problem running Latte on left screen on KDE Neon. The hidden dock would not reappear unless changing screens or activities. For anyone experiencing the same problem, the fix that worked for me was to turn off: "Behave as normal dock window" in Settings/Tweaks. All good now. - Nov 27 2017
Hi. I am running KDE Neon. Latte Dock works great.............. unless I place it on the left hand side of the screen. I don't want it on the right as I then have issues with with browser scrollbars etc. What can I do to address this please? - Nov 16 2017