FRANCIS RICARDO MELO Aparecida de Goiânia, Brasil
Suru++ [Complete]

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May 30 2018
Como faço para coloca um repositório e receber as atualizações?
- 2 days ago
Firefox eu baixa daqui.

O Telegram daqui.

Depois de baixa deixo eles na pasta / opt - 2 days ago
Piorou, aumentou a lista de Permissão negada.

- 2 days ago
Eu só copiei e colei o comando.

Fiz de novo.

deepin@francis:~$ sudo find / -name 'firefox*.desktop'
find: ‘/proc/1996/task/1996/net’: Argumento inválido
find: ‘/proc/1996/net’: Argumento inválido
find: ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs’: Permissão negada

- 2 days ago
Opa blz melhor ainda escrever em PT-BR.

Segui o comando que você passou e a resposta foi esta.

$ sudo find / -name 'firefox * .desktop'
[sudo] senha para deepin:
find: ‘/proc/1996/task/1996/net’: Argumento inválido
find: ‘/proc/1996/net’: Argumento inválido
find: ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs’: Permissão negada
find: ‘/media/deepin/Windows Sistema/Users/franc/OneDrive’: Erro de entrada/saída

- 2 days ago
Testing the theme in Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon. And it has icons that have not changed.

Image: - 2 days ago
Are source code I do not use Flatpak, Snap
- 2 days ago
Good Morning...

Thank you for your attention.

I discover why it does not have the Firefox theme and neither of Telegram, the two programs I use the executable installed inside the folder / opt and these two do not have the icons inside the folder / applications.

At the moment I'm in Deepin 15.6. - Jul 15 2018
I downloaded a new file and this time it worked. The only one that continues with the unmodified icon is Firefox.
- Jul 14 2018
Thank you very much for your attention. I'll be waiting for the update
Just one more touch, I tested the icons in Deepin and they were not cool I miss many icons without the theme. - Jul 12 2018
Good evening!!!

I really enjoyed your work, congratulations. Just wanted to ask one thing, could you add support for XFCE?

I tuned the theme in Mint XFCE and a lot of it got black and white.

Thank you very much in Advance. - Jul 11 2018
Suru++ [Minimal][Only for Ubuntu]

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Jul 13 2018
Could you add support for Linux Mint 19? I would be very grateful.
- Jul 01 2018
Suru Mint-Y

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Jun 06 2018
Pecou em algumas coisa que não ficaram legal.

Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon.
- Jun 29 2018
Buttons Icon Theme

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by Jike
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Feb 26 2018
Do you have support for other graphical environments? Such as Cinnamon?
- Jan 06 2018

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by Noob
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Jun 10 2018
Are you going to have a cinnamon version? - Dec 29 2017