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Jul 23 2018
sure - Aug 04 2018
Sure... - Aug 04 2018
you reported the issue on github, support will follow there ;)
- Aug 01 2018
alright i found it it's a bug will be corrected next version git issue created thanks for reporting - Jul 29 2018
what's the time in the "polling interval" ? can you try with 2 min - Jul 29 2018
perfect ok i know exactly what to edit to fix this for next version so for the moment just use it without "new line" feature :) - Jul 29 2018
can you please try without the option "Display message subject in a new line" and let me know - Jul 29 2018

the fix is not scheduled for the moment... you will have to wait for next release... but i will fix it :) - Jul 29 2018
i think i know from where it is coming i think the Russian translation is messed up i have to check it i created an issue - Jul 29 2018
you have to uncheck it in the settings did you do that ? - Jul 29 2018
At the end of the day this will be true but for the moment the package is not yet distributed rpm package are working for sure but debian's one will be provided later by sten0 - Jul 25 2018
any news after restart ?
@sten0 will make final deb release check out the issue here or may be just reply there to ask him to build a deb - Jul 25 2018
you just add a plasmoid per account... just right on your taskbar click then add widgets and add an other "ultimate gmail feed" and set it up with an other gmail account - Jul 25 2018
gmail-v1.6-ubuntu-amd64.deb - Jul 23 2018
Hi :) i just made a new version try to install "v1.6-ubuntu-amd64.deb" and let me know... of course first remove the other version - Jul 23 2018
can you please post the result of the command "uname -a" - Jul 23 2018
i guess you are using a x32 system can you please post what's the result of that command "uname -a" - Jul 23 2018
hummm the deb was auto-generated as i don't use a debian based system... i will build a proper deb version tonight - Jul 23 2018
how did you made the install and what system are you on ? - Jul 23 2018
how did you made the install ? - Jul 23 2018
The library does not seems to be installed you need to you use the rpm/deb or compile and install it from source check
git clone
cd ultimategmailfeed
mkdir build
cd build
make install - Jul 23 2018
also you have the manual check when you are waiting for an email - Jul 21 2018
the more you use polling the more you made it easy to hacker to intercept/inject traffic, but if you want you can create an issue ;) i will look into that ;) - Jul 21 2018
yeah it's easily doable but not a good idea at all because the password will be stored in plaintext as the rest of the applet settings... can you please open an issue here requesting this feature, for the next time i work in it - Jul 21 2018
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by MakG
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Apr 08 2018