Matija Šuklje , Slovenia
Eventlist 0.7 Plasma 4 Widgets
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Mar 15 2015
It’s probably not going to help, but this is the crash report that happened before I had to re-create the Eventlist settings again.

I’m saying it’s probably irrelevant to *this* bug, since I can replicate it in *any* way that plasma-desktop starts. Jun 16 2014
Nope, Dr.Konqi doesn’t even pop up
I tried to replicate it inside the plasmoidviewer, but can’t seem to – I tried everything that I could think of.

The thing is that it replicates always, when plasma-desktop (re)starts – whether due to a crash of plasma-desktop or on new startup/login. Jun 15 2014
I just enabled the debugging as you described and then replicated the bug by killing plasma-desktop and running it again.

The bug replicated beautifully, but nothing got written to ~/.xsession-errors :/ Jun 12 2014
All other plasmoids are fine – just that one eventlist instance dies and it’s quite annoying.

Do you have any idea how to get more info? Jun 11 2014
I’m acquainted with Lokalize. Just need to brush the dust off it in set it up again ☺

Thanks for pointing me to the pot file! Jun 11 2014
I’d be happy to translate eventlist into Slovenian.

Is there a .po(t) file I can use or how do I go about that? Jun 03 2014
I haven’t found a bug tracker, so I’m writing my issue here.

Since I updated to 0.6.97 (current latest release), something odd started happening – and namely that one of the eventlist instances (I use 4 at the same time, and it’s always the top-left one) sometimes when plasma starts, does not load and presents an empty plasmoid that says (translating back from Slovenian):

“This object was not able to be created. Reason:
Unable to find the needed part: plasma_applet_events”

The funny thing is that all 3 other eventlist instances load just fine. May 29 2014
Square-Beam KDE 1.0.1 Icon Themes
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Jun 07 2014
Yes ☺ May 19 2014
Nice ☺

Is this a full theme that I can just pull via GHNS? Looks very promissing! Congratulations! May 09 2014
kdictionary 0.8.1 Plasma 4 Widgets
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Dec 06 2013
That's great, thanks :)

I just applied for a key anyway, so from my side it's not a biggie, but until it gets over 1000 users, it might be nice to have the key included. Nov 11 2013
... I found the answer on your GitHub Wiki.

Still odd that you need to apply for a *developer* API key to be able to use it. Nov 10 2013

Great to see a plasmoid dictionary — just what I'm looking for :D

The only issue is that the API keys for M-W is missing. Is this a bug, and if not, how do I fix it myself? Nov 10 2013
WorkFlow Plasmoid 0.4.1 Plasma 4 Widgets
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Mar 24 2013
It works just fine for me in Rekonq and Firefox.

Maybe you’re missing some standard certs on your system :/ Apr 08 2013
The certs for look fine on my ReKonq. Apr 06 2013
I just opened the bug/wish.

I hope to get the Gentoo ebuild into the official Portage tree, but until then I plan to maintain it on the bugzilla link above. Apr 02 2013
This is absolutely brilliant!

It is pretty much how I imagined how activities + VD could be used :)

Although it’s slightly less flexible then my previous manual solution (WorkFlow does not understand a window which is in several, but not all activities), this might prove for the better as it forced me to make some more clean separations between some tasks.

Now I’m running it with the KWin script bound to Meta+A and I am as happy as a puppy :)

Well, for all Gentoo users, I’ve created an ebuild for the plasmoid+dataengine package: Apr 01 2013
WorkFlow KWin Script 0.4.1 Kwin Scripts
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Mar 24 2013
I love it :)

Thank you for making it as a KWin script as well — it’s brilliant! Apr 01 2013
Boinc Monitor 3.0 Plasma 4 Widgets
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Dec 07 2014
To be honest, I don’t get it either — I have both boinc and boinc_client in /usr/bin and what’s even more interesting, both are part of the package, have the same timestamp and are identical binaries to each other.

I’ve taken a quick glance at the ebuild and patches and I don’t see why there is need for such duplication.

If there is no other distro using it this way, I can file a bug in Gentoo. Feb 26 2013
I’m quite sure, yes.

`cat /etc/conf.d/boinc` produces:

# Config file for /etc/init.d/boinc
# Location of the boinc command line binary
Feb 25 2013
In my case the BOINC bin is called "boinc_client", so the `pidof boinc` if statement returns False.

But the general idea of testing the existance of a running instance with pidof IMHO sounds like a surer test, yes :) Feb 24 2013
Below is a diff to make it work on Gentoo (or any other OpenRC-based distro).

*** .kde4/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/boinc-monitor/contents/code/ 2013-02-23 21:40:29.147592362 +0100
--- .kde4/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/boinc-monitor/contents/code/ 2013-02-23 21:41:34.437722422 +0100
*************** if os.popen("which boinc").read().find("
*** 26,31 ****
--- 26,32 ----
coreClientRuns = False
if coreClientInstalled == True:
if os.popen("/etc/init.d/boinc-client status 2>/dev/null").read().find("running") != -1: coreClientRuns = True
+ elif os.popen("/etc/init.d/boinc status 2>/dev/null").read().find("started") != -1: coreClientRuns = True
elif os.popen("systemctl status boinc 2>/dev/null").read().find("running") != -1: coreClientRuns = True

class BoundCaller(plasmascript.Applet): Feb 23 2013
Boondocks (en) 1.2 Plasma Comic Sources
1 comment
Score 57%
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Feb 07 2017
It only shows an avatar and not any comics. Jan 07 2013
PublicTransport 0.11 beta Plasma 4 Widgets
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Jan 17 2013
Why don't you try to get your ebuild into the official Portage tree?

Or at least into one of the overlays (KDE perhaps?) May 27 2012
United 2.2.0 Plasma Themes
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Aug 19 2012
You can upload to as well as on other servers at the same time.

That way you could give people the option to use it via GHNS and also people on other websites as well.

It's not a case of either one or the other, you can have both :) May 15 2012
What is the reason you don't put a copy on May 14 2012
Could you please fix it, so it's available via KDE's Get Hot New Stuff (i.e. the "Plasma Theme" download dialogue)?

(the same goes for your other great themes) May 14 2012
Neon Icon theme by FRUiT 0.2 Icon Themes
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Jun 16 2011
I am somewhat angered by the fact that has such a low size quota.

On there used to be whole theme packages — icons, windeco, colourscheme, fonts, backgrounds etc. all in one tarball. Those were rather big (for the dial-up era), but hey, you got the whole package and you didn't have to hope that some 3rd party filedepot is still online to get it.

I really like (and in general) and love GHNS, but the fact that it doesn't allow to upload a slightly bigger icon theme just anulls the whole concept of GHNS in the first place. Mar 15 2012
Have you tried using ImageMagic to batch process them? Many probably don't need a new icon, as they're clean enough as it is. Mar 11 2012
I'd really like to be able to install this via GHNS — i.e. the System Settings dialogue, but it doesn't work. Feb 10 2012
Betelgeuse Icon Themes
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Mar 11 2012
Great work!

Did you get it sorted, how you can get donations?

I don't know if that'd help, but have you looked at BitCoin? Mar 11 2012
Tamsyn Font 1.9 Fonts
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May 12 2012
I really like this font.

What's a real show-stopper for me though, is that it's Latin1 only. If it was a full unicode — or at the very least supported Latin2 codepage as well — I wouldn't hesitate to switch to it in my console. Dec 21 2011
BusyTasks 14.3 | 13.0 Plasma 4 Widgets
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Sep 11 2013
Probably simple mouse-over tool-tips would be enough.

* what's the "colour limit"
* what's the difference between "simple colour change" and "colour gradiant"
* what's the difference between "data transfer rates" I said, I managed to guess the options successfully, but partially by trial-and-error. Aug 04 2011
Alright :)

Anyway, using it now and so far I really like it.

It'd be nice if there was some noob-friendly help to the settings.

BTW, have you considered adding a field for MEM usage as well? Sometimes it's nice to spot a memleak before it goes out of control ;) Aug 04 2011
That's true. I didn't take into account the resource consumption of 'htop' here. Also, to be honest, Plasma is not really the most resource-friendly thing around.

Hmmm, would it be possible to use some inotify or similar system to track this information? Aug 04 2011
Sounds brilliant and just what I'd want (instead of having an 'htop' open in Konsole all the time)! :D

...what I wonder though is does it have any impact on resources, tailing top and iotop all the time? I'm talking about having it running all the time on a laptop, where I'd primarily like to have as little as CPU wakeups as possible. Aug 04 2011
Deo Ignito (fr) 1.0 Plasma Comic Sources
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Jul 02 2011
Merci beaucoup :] Jul 02 2011
Either I messed up something or it doesn't work. :\ Dec 10 2010
Kamerka 0.8.5 Graphics
Score 73%
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Dec 21 2012
Niiiiiceeeeeee! :D

BTW, extra kudos for having proper man/info pages! I'm positively surprised!

After that I've checked Kamerka's ToDo and I'm quite impressed. Can't wait for the future releases! Jul 02 2011
Kamerka only produces very small 640x480 pictures, while I know my webcam can produce (e.g. in Cheese) a lot bigger 1600x1200 pictures.

How can I conveince Kamerka to take pictures of a bigger resolution? Jul 02 2011
Wow, I'm impressed! That is a lean list of deps :D Jun 06 2011
What are the goals for Kamerka?

BTW, it depends on only Phonon and v4l2 to capture pictures? Jun 05 2011
Works, thanks :) Jun 05 2011
Looks like a great app, so I wanted to compile and test it on my Gentoo.

The only problem is that it doesn't finish compiling. Could it be that Kamerka depends on Qt's Phonon only? Because instead of that I have KDE's Phonon installed.

BTW, awesome name! :D

[100%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/kamerka.dir/qrc_kamerka.o
Linking CXX executable kamerka
CMakeFiles/kamerka.dir/mainwindow.o: In function `MainWindow::timerCounter(int)':
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/mainwindow.cpp:67: undefined reference to `Phonon::MediaSource::MediaSource(QString const&)'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/mainwindow.cpp:67: undefined reference to `Phonon::MediaObject::setCurrentSource(Phonon::MediaSource const&)'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/mainwindow.cpp:67: undefined reference to `Phonon::MediaSource::~MediaSource()'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/mainwindow.cpp:68: undefined reference to `Phonon::MediaObject::play()'
CMakeFiles/kamerka.dir/videowidget.o: In function `videowidget':
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/videowidget.cpp:36: undefined reference to `Phonon::MediaObject::MediaObject(QObject*)'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/videowidget.cpp:37: undefined reference to `Phonon::AudioOutput::AudioOutput(Phonon::Category, QObject*)'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/videowidget.cpp:37: undefined reference to `Phonon::createPath(Phonon::MediaNode*, Phonon::MediaNode*)'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/videowidget.cpp:37: undefined reference to `Phonon::Path::~Path()'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/videowidget.cpp:36: undefined reference to `Phonon::MediaObject::MediaObject(QObject*)'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/videowidget.cpp:37: undefined reference to `Phonon::AudioOutput::AudioOutput(Phonon::Category, QObject*)'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/videowidget.cpp:37: undefined reference to `Phonon::createPath(Phonon::MediaNode*, Phonon::MediaNode*)'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/videowidget.cpp:37: undefined reference to `Phonon::Path::~Path()'
CMakeFiles/kamerka.dir/videowidget.o: In function `videowidget::setPicture(QImage)':
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/videowidget.cpp:81: undefined reference to `Phonon::MediaSource::MediaSource(QString const&)'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/videowidget.cpp:81: undefined reference to `Phonon::MediaObject::setCurrentSource(Phonon::MediaSource const&)'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/videowidget.cpp:81: undefined reference to `Phonon::MediaSource::~MediaSource()'
/home/hook/tmp_builds/kamerka/src/videowidget.cpp:82: undefined reference to `Phonon::MediaObject::play()'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [src/kamerka] Error 1
make[1]: *** [src/CMakeFiles/kamerka.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2 Jun 05 2011
Bangarang 2.1 Audio
Score 87%
13 Dislikes
Dec 07 2011
I tried to add Vimcast to Bangarang and it turned out that
* adding the Ogg/Theora¹ feed does not work at all.
* while adding the Quicktime² feed works, but doesn't set the title.

1 —
2 — Jun 05 2011
Blue Sora 3.0.2 Clouds Plasma Themes
Score 82%
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Mar 22 2014
Oh, OK. Thanks for the pointer.

I hope you'll figure it out someday though :\ May 18 2011
I'm trying to install it via KDE's Get Hot New Stuff dialog (i.e. "Install new plasma theme from internet") and Blue Sora does not show up on the list of themes. May 18 2011
I would also prefer if the file was hosted so it would be possible to install and update from KDE's own KNewStuff (e.g. in your KDE settings' "Look&Feel" tab) Jan 21 2011
PlasmoTide 1.13 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 54%
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Aug 04 2012
Also, mediteranean tides are not only ± 1 ft :P

In the Adriatic sea we use them often to predict local weather though. Mar 29 2011
If you'd do that it'd be grand! :D

Hmmm, I imagine you'd have to take into account the local coastshape (e.g. of the Adriatic), but to be honest, I haven't the slightest... I'm pretty sure that already throughout the Adriatic the tides are not the same for every port (which to US standards are pretty close together).

If you have any ideas where to look or ask, I'd look into how to get the right data or difference. Mar 29 2011
Niiiiiceeeee :D

Too bad there's only US data. For Slovenia (EU) I managed to find:

Just curious, would it be possible to do the same with a script as well? Mar 29 2011