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by gyll
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17 hours ago
Hi, I do have a better understanding of the problem now. Just to keep it short, Compiz is a compositing window manager for X windows ( for more details). Compiz uses gtk-window-decorator for window decorations and as I understand now, it can only use Metacity themes (I may be wrong but many trials I have done lead me to this conclusion). If I specify any Metacity theme, all appear to work OK.

The question is do you have a Metacity theme for Evolution? - Jul 13 2018
Great piece of work, gyll. I am struggling with one problem - ie how do I get xfce evolution working with Compiz? I am using Ubuntu Studio and tried to run Compiz with Xfce Evolution already being set as my theme. However, gtk-window-decorator some how screws up the theme and uses its own default fonts and buttons. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. - Jul 12 2018