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by rvm
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Apr 16 2014
Hi, this is a really great effort, congratulations!

However, did you realize that almost all these features, including file specific settings, are already implemented by another MPlayer frontend, KPlayer?

And of course since it has been in development for more than four years, KPlayer is much further along, with a really good multimedia library, playlist, and a lot more things.

One major difference between the two programs is that KPlayer is KDE rather than Qt based, and so can use KDE I/O Slaves to play all kinds of things, and also the standard KDE dialogs.

KPlayer does still need to add a good support for filters, as well as minor things like changing playback speed. But in general KPlayer is far more advanced than any other player I have seen.

Have you thought about joining efforts to make a really complete frontend? Just imagine if we could add your work on filters to everything KPlayer already has, and make it work better inside a browser like KMPlayer (another frontend), we would have a player that would be absolutely the best of all!

What do you think? - Mar 16 2007

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Jan 11 2008
It seems so far the only way to do this is by setting Additional Command Line Arguments on the Advanced page either in KPlayer Settings or in File Properties to something like:

-font Arial -subfont-encoding ISO-8859-7

Note that you cannot put spaces in the font name this way, but you can put the path to a font file instead. If you need a font with spaces in its name, then put it in your mplayer.conf. - Jan 12 2007