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Simon Yuan Taipei, Taiwan
Kpapers: idea looks for developers!

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 25 comments

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Jun 06 2007
Personally I use KBib to manage both the references and files. It's not perfect but it works. You can add references to actual files in KBib for each entry. - Jun 06 2007

Network 122 comments

by Viras
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Jul 31 2010
I think double buffering is quite important, at least it's a lot easier on the eyes :p

Just drag some window and move around above KTA and you should see what I mean. - Apr 18 2007
I've made some changes so that traffic statistics are written to disk only when exiting the app.

There were a lot optimizations as well and KTA should be much more efficient now.

I've uploaded the updated source, if you are interested you can try this unofficial version. - Apr 08 2007
Sorry it was a silly bug.

Hopefully it now really is fixed.

Please download it and try again.

I'll try contact Viras on the forum soon.

Thanks - Mar 13 2007
Problem fixed, file re-uploaded.
Please download again from the same place.

Please let me know if there's anymore problem.

Thanks - Mar 12 2007
Sorry I realised it happens when the toolbar is shown.
I'm looking at it now. - Mar 12 2007
Hi pupil,

I'm unsure why the interface would come up like that. I've tried it on 3 machines, all worked fine. Have you tried deleting the old config files?

This is what 3.6 looks here:

I still haven't heard from Viras, is he on a long vacation or something? :p
I'll see if I can get hold of him on the Suse forum. - Mar 12 2007
Hi all,

I've made some improvements to this nice app, while waiting for reply from the original author, you can also try it from:

Following changes have been made:
- Changed to use /sys for reading traffic data
- Allow hiding the main window by clicking the close button instead of exiting
- Added double buffering to prevent flickering
- More reliable interface discovery/handling
- Added read traffic from all interfaces option
- Added start minimized option

However I'm still a n00b KDE programmer, so please forgive my bad coding.

Known problem:
KDE session saving doesn't work correctly. I don't know how other system tray enabled KDE apps work with session saving, please kindly let me know if you know how.

To do:
- Add DU-Meter like graph drawing
- Add system tray graph drawing or can be set to "LED mode" like DU-Meter
- You tell me - Feb 18 2007