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Dec 22 2018
Thank you so much for this. I have come accross docks like this before but never been able to get them to work. But thanks to you and Chytrex Petule the .deb file made it supremely easy. (tho first time round it didn't work, uninstalling and reinstalling sorted it)

1 question tho, and it may just be because I'm new to linux, I start ksmoothdock by typing its name in the terminal, but if I then close the terminal window, ksmoothdock closes too. Is this meant to happen? (Its not a big problem, just wondering really!)

Also, for people out there who are wondering, its a bit slow on 128Mb of RAM but does work. I am glad that I'll soon be upgrading to 512Mb tho.

Also, an amarok applet would be lovely :P - Apr 15 2007