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Amarok 1.x Scripts 3 comments

by dpc5
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Oct 23 2007
Changing lines 310-314 to this will make the scipt work with unicode track/artist names:
track = os.popen("dcop amarok player track").readlines()[0].strip()
title = unicode(os.popen("dcop amarok player title").readlines()[0].strip(), 'utf_8')
artist = unicode(os.popen("dcop amarok player artist").readlines()[0].strip(), 'utf_8')
album = unicode(os.popen("dcop amarok player album").readlines()[0].strip(), 'utf_8')
msg = u"playing"

Disclaimer: i'm not a programmer and i don't know python, so it is probably a crude hack :). But it works for me. - Sep 30 2007