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Jan 28 2008
From an earlier post:

Firefox menu history
by finchair on: 08/10/2007, 18:59
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On Firefox the URL history drop down box or more properly the url auto-complete drop down has a black text on the black menu background.

I have found a fix for this issue.

goto your
.mozilla/firefox/xxxx.default/chrome directory where xxxx is a random block of numbers and letters and modify your "userChrome.css" file with following entry.

/* Change the url auto-complete text color */
.autocomplete-tree {
color: #ffffff !important;

Note: If there is not a "userChrome.css" file make a copy of the "userChrome-example.css" file and rename it to "userChrome.css" and then do the edit. Also, at this point you are not restricted to just using white, you could change it to any color you want. - Nov 04 2007
Thanks for this - I was changing all sorts of urlbar and searchbar settings trying to fix this! - Nov 04 2007