Tim Wall

Xp mod

Various Gnome Stuff Jul 04 2008
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by Whise
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Aug 29 2011
Thank you so much for using my theme and giving me credit for it. I just found your menu today and I'm going to use it instead of vista menu in both my tutorials and computer. your menu is also so easy to install I love it so much.

Thanks again,

TImemaster25 - Nov 23 2008
Vista XP Menu

Various Gnome Stuff 7 comments

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Aug 30 2008
I would just like to remind people that I did not make the menu I just made the theme for the menu. if you want to complain about the functionality of the menu then search vista menu on gnome-look and post something there.

I can also make other themes for vista menu if you want just tell me what you want and I'll try to make it. specific colors and pictures would help. - Nov 14 2008
Menu Enhancement (Idea only!)

Various Gnome Stuff 23 comments

by who
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Jun 09 2005
I think That one reason that people don't like Windows is because there isn't that mutch you can change about the UI unlike in Linux where changing the UI is a part of every day life. - Aug 30 2008
I like it it looks cool. I was actually hoping that someone would make a menu like this. one of my favourite parts about it is the system information at the top. I made a menu like this, but not nearly as good earlier today and nobody likes it. I think that there should be an XP like menu for gnome for letting people get used to it. - Feb 19 2008
visto gnome main menu

Various Gnome Stuff 11 comments

by juaka
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Jan 08 2008
Why don't you just download vista menu and make it a thme for that. P.S. if you want I can do it for you - Aug 30 2008
Tech-Style Panel v2.0

Various Gnome Stuff 3 comments

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Jul 19 2008
This is the best panel I've ever seen. I love it and it's perfect for my new theme. - Jul 19 2008
Xp mod

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Jul 04 2008
Thank you so much - Jul 09 2008
If anyone knows where I can find an XP Usplash theme please reply to this comment with the link - Jul 04 2008
it's just the whole panel background edited to fit what I usually have in my notification area. - Jul 04 2008
I will be putting text and video instructions on my website wich is if you have any questions please feel free to comment on my mod and please don't say it's bad just because it's windows because I put alot of work into this and some people like it. - Jul 04 2008
Menu Icons - Recessed

Individual Icons/-sets 3 comments

by enki
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Mar 29 2007
these are the best menu icons I've ever seen keep up the good work. - Feb 19 2008