Per Poulsen

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Sep 01 2008
Thanks for making this. This was the exact screenlet I needed.

I've been using "Now Playing" with Amarok, but I wanted something more simple, that does not display as much info. I use Sidebar, so there isn't much horizontal room for each screenlet.

This screenlet brings the necessary functions and gets the job done. Wishes? well, themes would be nice. :-D - Apr 19 2008
Nowplaying Screenlet modified

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by Whise
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Jan 26 2008
Nice screenlet. I have one problem though. When using it with Exaile the pause/play button works the wrong way. When pressing pause it will start playing the song from the beginning instead of pausing. Pausing works with Rhythmbox, but I'd much prefer it to work with Exaile.

Other Exaile users... Do you have this problem too?

Cheers - Apr 19 2008
Slickness Black

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Feb 18 2008
Another very nice theme. This theme has one thing, that I missed in "Overglossed" and "Slickness". When you click the search field in FF the font is white. This makes the previous searched topics more visible, than in the two other themes. See example. The first one is "Slickness Black" the second one is "Slickness". - Apr 16 2008

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Apr 08 2008
It's a bit weird. I just switched to your "Slickness Black" theme. With that theme I do not get the problem mentioned above. You make some fine themes m8. :) - Apr 16 2008
Thank you for your answer.You're right. It's not a bug in the theme. I found out last night, that I'm getting the same issue with some other themes. I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm using Gnome 2.22 with Mandriva 2008 spring. Anyway, it's a minor thing and your theme is very nice. :) - Apr 16 2008
When using a Gnome "main menu" instead of the traditional Gnome "menu line" (with programs/places/system) I get a black color on mouse over on "places" and "system" (See screenshot). All other menu entries work fine. I guess the theme is made for the traditional menu line, but is there a way I can solve this?

Best regards - Apr 15 2008
Vista-Gray (fixed)

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Dec 16 2005
I love this theme. It's one of the very best themes I've seen for Gnome. Great work. It's beautiful.

One MINOR issue. I can't get the previous, next, up... icons in Nautilus to change when I change the icon theme (the icons home, computer & search change fine), even though I've commented out #include "icons/iconrc" in gtkrc. The icons in this theme look great. Still it would be nice to be able to use other themes with it. - Apr 16 2008

Wallpapers Gnome 12 comments

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Jan 24 2008
Voted good. I love this wallpaper. I've been using it with GNOME in Mandriva 2008 and 2008.1 for a while. - Apr 15 2008