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Plasma/KDE Screenshots Feb 19 2006
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Video Apps 77 comments

by jbm
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Apr 07 2013
I can confirm this - the update broke kdenlive completely here as well - and this happens at a time where is really have to complete a video ..... :(

If you devs could have a really quick look and fix it - that would be MOST awseome... - Feb 12 2010
LCARS total KDE conversion (Project plan

KDE 3.5 Themes 13 comments

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Sep 13 2005
Sadly this project wasn't accepted as i thought. The problem is, that i have no graphics-skill at all. All I could have offered would have been testing, suggesting and organisating of all the stuff.

Due to the fact that it didn't come to life I sadly have to decline your offer. - Dec 16 2006
hmmm - i was thinking about several little themes like one theme containing only one button for mail for example - so that the user may choose which buttons to put into his desktop. - Sep 13 2005
Thanks for your interest. I have for example buttons with and without writings in it. So I could supply them to you and the fonts, to greate several buttons to add to the dektop.

Then I am home I will upload a wallpaper for the normal layout. - Sep 13 2005
Thanks for the link - but as you thought I already found that one. Thanks anyway.

Yes, I know, that many do not like Star Trek (mainly Star WARS fans) - but I am used to that, because I play Counter-Strike under linux. And linux user like that the same as Star Trek ;) - Sep 13 2005

Plasma/KDE Screenshots 7 comments

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Feb 19 2006
A dumb comment - sorry.

Theres nothing about revenge.
But ok - i think theres no sense to discuss. - Feb 20 2006
I didn't want to raise a holy war here. Its just that the satanic content here on needs some christian ones to hold he balance :)

I do not care about Mohammed. - Feb 20 2006
I see Counter-Strike as e-sport. There is nothing sinful about it. So what? :) - Feb 20 2006
Reinhardt Sketch

Individual Icons/-sets 21 comments

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Mar 18 2006
available at:
(if its allowed to post it like this :) )

kind regards,

stony777 - Jan 27 2006
ok - in 3,5 h the file is done - i will post the link then

btw: good job on these icons ;) - Jan 27 2006

the download is awfully slow. Are you able to provide a mirror for this file? I would be willing to host the file for a period too. - Jan 26 2006
Rambo KSplash + NuoveXT 1.6

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 3 comments

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Dec 18 2005
did you paint the tux yourselves?
I would like to create a Counter-Strike spray logo out of it :) - Dec 19 2005
treK - theme for Karamba

Karamba & Superkaramba 6 comments

by matze
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May 17 2005
I would be willing to help - i want a complete lcars theme so much!!

I allready made some changes - systemsounds etc - but not as close as I want to.

Maybe we could try to gather a few ppl to accomplish this together (win deco guys - programmers and grafix etc. - Sep 10 2005

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 4 comments

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May 27 2004
I would really like to contribute to the grafix, but the page is down?= - Sep 06 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 169 comments

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Jan 18 2004
I didn't think I would ask this annoying question myself sometime :)

But could you please give the whole name of the wallpaper-site you got that wallpaper from - it seems good ;)

It was just not readable due to the bar ;) - Feb 18 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 13 comments

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Sep 11 2003
Hello there looks interesting so far.
Which fonts do you use for the DVD-device and so on? It looks great! - Sep 02 2003