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In March 2012, I wanted to have a Plasmoid that is able to display the status of a Subversion repository. Because I could not find a working Plasmoid for that task, I began to develop a new one.

SubversionDataEngine is a data engine that can be used by Plasmoids. I have written this data engine using Python. The data engine is able to extract the latest Subversion revision from a URL. If a path to a working copy of a Subversion repository is given to the engine, the URL is extraced automatically. For the Subversion access, pysvn is used.

RCSMonitor is implemented using QML. It can be configured to use either a path to a Subversion working copy, or a URL of a Subversion repository. It fetches the information about the latest revision using the SubversionDataEngine.

See the homepage for further information.

Last changelog:

7 years ago

[li]Version 0.2 (released 2012-03-19)[/li]
[li]Version 0.1 (released 2012-03-12)[/li]

See http://www.eikel.org/projects/plasma for detailed information.

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