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A theme inspired by the WindowMaker/GNUStep look. Requires the QtCurve engine (Qt and GTK2).

Last changelog:

1.3 5 months ago

-changed shading from HSL to Simple (as is used in WindowMaker)

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1.3 5 months ago

-changed shading from HSL to Simple (as is used in WindowMaker)

1.2 8 months ago

-increased scrollbar size
-updated/added accompanying aurorae and plasma themes

1.1 11 months ago

-made widget borders a bit darker
-added/updated related color/aurorae/plasma themes

1.0 1 year ago

-removed all remaining gradients
-made widget borders darker, but dark 3d shade lighter
-made checkbuttons button style
-made window buttons borderless
-as of KDE5, QtCurve window decorations seem to be dead, so i created a matching aurorae theme, the native decorations will be used for MDI windows though

0.8 1 year ago

-changed shading from simple to HSL and adjusted all shades - overall, there is now a bit less contrast
-added a separator line between titlebar and window
-enabled hiding menubar via Ctrl+Alt+M

0.7 1 year ago

-made sunken widgets a little lighter so they become more readable
-updated color schemes and plasma themes

0.6 1 year ago

-reduced all gradients
-darkened widget borders
-darkened 3d highlight color
-made tab background same as window background
-added a matching plasma theme (look for QTStep in the plasma theme section!)

2 years ago

initial release

-changed gradients for sunken buttons, grooves, and inactive tabs
-added a workaround to fix gradients for scrollbar grooves
-changed dark 3d border shade
-changed scrollbar style to Platinum (like GNUStep, both buttons at the bottom)

-made button drop shadow a bit lighter
-disabled slider color fill
-removed 3d lightborder from progress bars
-changed group box frame
-changed indication of default button
-disabled force kde icons on gtk applications (this didn't work as intended, it forced oxygen icons regardless of actual kde icon theme)
-added wallpaper

-removed drop shadow from buttons
-increased 3d highlight shade
-made inverted gradients less pronounced
-changed indication style of default button
-changed focus indication to standard (dotted)
-updated teal color scheme
-updated wallpaper

-changed aqua gradients to match the ones from the plain theme in brightness (no visible change in plain version - no bump)

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